Thanksgiving weekend

anniescupboards 3 10:26 AM
I just could not stop laughing.
Hubby thinks my tree cones are hats.
I have to guard them well.
I broke out the good China & Linens for Thanksgiving. (giggle pyrex)
Caught Stuffing my face.
still chewing,
trying to swallow so I can yell stop.
New Fabric purchases. Found a local Quilt shop that has oodles of hard to get fabrics.
No photos on black friday at 4am! Ok?
We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Usually it just quiet and lazy. This year we had out of town guests. A few of them. Yipee! We had a surprise party to attend. Plus I got to visit my local Bernina store and peek at my most wanted Christmas Prezzy. (giggle) Hubby and I awoke at 4 am for some black friday shopping. We havent done that in a few years and we were out of practice. I have a few videos to show you as soon as it uploads.


You look soooo pretty in the first picture!

Hi Sherry! I so love your blog. I read the Harrison Ford story. I have been and will forever be a fan of his. Your blog reminds me of a reality show and I can't wait to tune in to see what happens next. Very addicting. I have a award for you at Primgrl1.

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