I am on vacation!

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I am heading to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning. I will be leaving Sunny South Florida where its humid hot. I will be happy to have some cool days and evenings to be honest with you. I am not ready for this summer weather we have here. Its not summer yet. Oh but it does feel like it outside. I will be getting on a plane tomorrow at 6:50 AM. Not my favorite thing to do but I will grin and bare it. I have a layover in Atlanta, Ga for just a bit. I heard that is a huge airport. I looked into it. It looks like a mall and everyone arrives on planes to shop. LOL That is how I am going to view it. I am heading to the Prim Mart Convention. We are meeting in PA this year. There is 30 of us meeting up. I cant wait to see them. Some of them this will be my first time meeting them. I wont return until late Monday evening the 18th. I plan on doing some twittering and facebook updates while on my trip. I am sure there will be lots of down time. I do plan on bringing my video camera (flip) and my camera to take photos of everyone. I am sure I will have lots to share when I get back. WE will be doing lots of shopping, talking, crafting and giggling. There was no convention last year. So this year will be most awesome.

See ya on Twitter or Facebook!

Oh PS. My Etsy shoppe is not broken and the link is blank here on the blog. I am assuming since I put it in vacation mode, it has no idea what to do. So once I return I will open the shoppe back up for business.


Happy flying tomorrow morning!!! You can bring just a little bit of that dry warm air along!!! It was very sunny and a cool breeze today! See you Friday!

Have a wonderful time I can't wait to see all the photos! xxx

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