Thrifting on a Monday

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You really must think I go thrift shopping all the time? I do! haha. I am not much of a retail shopper. I tell hubby he is really lucky to have someone who just gasps at the thought of paying how much for that? He is a retail shopper and loves it. He is not a fan of vintage or "USED" as he calls it. Yet he plays with things I bring home sometimes telling me how cool that is or how he remembers that as a child. He even uses the items and has no idea at all that I purchased that item at a thrift store. I much rather go to a thrift store and see what I can use for my house or for crafting. You never know what $1.00 will buy you.
I found this vintage 1948 Scrabble game for $1.00. I am going to use everything here for altered art projects. I can not tell you how long I have been looking for a thrifted scrabble game. I really did not want to purchase a "new" one. So this find had a bunch of squealing and heel clicking. And seeing the next find also made us continue the dance. (giggle)
I found this vintage 1958 Child's Scrabble game for $1.00. This I am going to alter and make a wall hanging and keep it for myself.
The game board has two different sides.
You may remember a few months back I found a vintage corningware counter-top saver? Well I found and even larger one today in the same design. How weird is that being able to find that? It does have a rubber stopper missing (which is fixable) and has a small dent in the center bottom. Still no problem. I have placed this on my wood buffet that everyone keeps using as a drink holder. I have now banned everyone from ever touching the wood. This is now a buffet table-top saver. And it MATCHES!!!!
Vintage Glass Pyrex Pitcher 2 Quart Lemon and Orange slices.
Vintage Mod McDonalds pillowcase. This case has two different sides. That means 2 different aprons I can make! Yipee! I really love this mod print. I think the flowers and the trees & the houses are just preciously Mod and adorable. I love the kids clothing. I am not sure I am going to be able to sell this. I may just have to keep one for myself.
My 19 year old son stole this from me and said I am not allowed to cut this up. I totally agreed. 1978 Vintage Superman Pillowcase. Its now on his bed. Darn. That would have made 2 nice Man aprons. The print is different on each side. (sigh) oh well. I am just smiling that he is loving the vintage.
Vintage cookie cutters. This will look awesome in a display I am working on this year for Christmas time. I want to have little areas of pretty decor to gaze upon. Usually I have just a tree. Ugh. I love my tree. I just want a little more.
I found 3 vintage sheets to use to crafting. The yellow below is just like the green print I found a few weeks back remember?
This sheet is a full size and I paid $2.00 for it. Seriously its so bright. I am shocked. Its been rare to find a really bright cheery print that is not faded in areas. I am really loving this print the MOSTEST! I have no idea what to even make with this. I know I will want something from this print for my own personal selfish reasons.
I am going to make this Mod vintage clock over.


You lucky, ducky, lady, you! I love the things you do with the vintage wares you find. Go green!

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