Thrifted Pink Tablecloth on this Thrifty Friday

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I found this rather large vintage pink and white linen tablecloth. It has butterflies printed on it. There is a name printed on it, Tammis Keefe. When I first found this I thought the price tag said $25.00 but it was really $2.50. I almost set it back down. Thanks goodness! I love finding little treasures like this (in Goodwill no less). I did a little bit of research (not much) but this lovely lady Tammis Keefe made a variety of table linen in the 1950's and her style is very cute and collectible.
There is a few stains here and there. Loved and used. Perfect.
I found 2 sets of napkins in this 1970's flower (crazy) print. 8 of them total. I am going to use them as fabric.
Vintage Vera Napkin Linen. Sushi printed and I am like *meh* about sushi printed anything but then again it is Vera. Maybe someone on Etsy is more than *meh* about it and would like it. It feels brand new and looks to have been packed away. No fading or even used. Still has factory creases and its so stiff. Still *meh*.

Updated Sunday 22, 2009: I was informed this is not sushi its Licorice Allsorts Candy printed. My gosh. Like thank you so much ladies for telling me. I thought it was sushi. I am glad you told me. XO
Vintage 1960's Disney printed pillowcase. This is going on my bed after I wash it.
Vintage hamburger patty Tupperware stacking keeper set.
I found some more vintage 1950's bar glasses. Frosted elephant, tiger and a horse on carousels. I have been seeing this corning prints everywhere lately. I have 2 counter top savers in this print. Lately I have seen bowls, dishes, canisters and such. Today I found a lonely little mug and decided to purchase that and only that. I am not much for Corning-ware. I like it but not so much. Every now and then I do catch myself buying a piece but it has to be the right one and in the right print in order for me to do so. Now if I see another mug in this print I will pick it up. If I see anymore I will leave them. We all have our collecting ways. I found another large jar for my sewing area.
Yummy vintage scarf blue, grey, white, mustard, orange. Perfect for this fall.


I love the butterflies. Your sushi print fabric looks a lot like an English candy called liquorice allsorts. xx

The piece that you thought is printed in sushi is NOT! It's licorice Allsorts! Look again! You will see that that is exactly what they are. If you don't know what Licorice Allsorts are, go to your nearby drug store or grocery store and look in the candy aisle - (Walgreens has them for sure!) And you will see that the "sushi" is candy! I love Allsorts and I love this print!!

Oh my Gosh are you serious? I am going to have to research this now. I never heard of this candy. I have to see it. I thought it was Sushi. haha

LOVE all those fabrics, especially the butterfly tablecloth, great finds :-)

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