and the Case goes to.......

anniescupboards 3 7:33 AM
Your number 19. I picked your number. Ok I didnt the number generator thingy did.
Congrats! Your the winner of my Strawberry Shortcake case.
I am sorry I did not make it here last night. I was sort of passed out on the bedroom floor. Actually I was. I have been having tummy pains all day and its been so hot. I was keeping myself hydrated. Or so I thought. I been in the house all day but its hot down here in South Florida even in your house with your a/c running. We live in a small house and it takes nothing for it to heat up. It was 94 in the house. It been hot all weekend. My body can only take so much and out I went. Thankfully I did not hurt myself and hubby found me and took care of me. My a/c isnt the greatest. Ugh. Can't wait to move.
Congrats Cyndi!! WooHoo! Your the winner of my case.
Thank you to everyone who played!


Oh my gosh, I hope you are okay! It has been such a hot summer, worse than I can rmember since I've lived here 9 years. I am so tired of being constantly sweaty, I just can't wait for october! I am running ac and floor fans 24/7 here. Take care and congrats to the winner!

whoo hoo! yay me! i will send the info right over to in Alabama...we are hitting over 100 and my house is ok, thankfully, but my van.nooooooooooo so hot!

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