Thrifty Pre-Thanksgiving Shopping

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I am not doing any black Friday shopping outside my computer. Usually my UPS man is doing the walking for me. I had this urge to hit up all my thrifty stores before the streets were invaded. I have not been finding anything worthy to take home. Yesterday that changed. I found 4 vintage suitcases. I found another train suitcase. So exciting! I have an upcoming craft show that is selling vintage and these are going to be there. FOR SALE! I will have the dates listed as soon as it becomes available. I am going to vendor at a few shows this coming year.
I love these vintage strawberry linen napkins! There are 4 of them and in perfect shape. I paid a dollar for the set. You know I also found a wonderful white desk that is calling my name. I left it there cause it was just a bit costly. But its so pretty. I could use it as an art desk when I move. I need an art desk. I don't have one. I may just run back and go get it. I can't stop thinking about it. I am sick sick in love with it.
These were just waiting by the register and saying take me home. So I did. That is when I noticed the white desk. Just sitting there all pretty. I really do want it. This is torture.
I also paid a dollar for this round table cloth. its so Mod(tastic) I just LOVE the prints and colors.

I keep texting hubby on how much I love that white desk.
Its such a bad want. But GOOD all over!


I love that tablecloth, it's to die for!

After hearing and reading tons of stuff about bedbugs...I'm not digging the vintage suitcases as much!
Thank god they can't hide in Pyrex!

Oh EEEEkkk I didn't even think about that.

On a side note I just made lots of pre-thanksgiving goodies in my PYREX today!! First time ever making them dirty dirty. Even gonna bake in some tomorrow.

I love those vintage suitcases! What a find!

beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back:D xoxo

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