It's December!

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There has been so much going on around here lately. We have been looking at rental houses for the last 3 days. Seeing how Florida is the state with the most foreclosures, the rentals are booming in business. If there is something available, at the end of the week its gone. Eeekk. We are going out today to have a few more looks. I really hope to find something. I have been waiting to set up my Christmas tree because of this. I have everything in the house packed. OK not everything. But close to it. I bought a real baby Christmas tree. It's in a potted plant. I am thinking I will just decorate that this year. I will miss my white tree. I just don't feel like unpacking then repacking. We may move this month. Maybe next week. We are ready, just need to find "the place"

Yesterday I had to take my outside kitty to the emergency vet care. He got into a fight with another cat and was scratched really bad. It then got infected. Half his face was swelling up. They had to knock him out and shave him and stitch up his face. And seeing how he was knocked out they took his manhood from him too. (that's what Hubby said) He is now fixed. My poor kitty. He is not happy. He is wearing the cone of shame. He can't stand it. I feel so bad for him. I have to force meds in him 2 times a day too. Jeezz. He wanted to go outside this morning when I awoke. He isn't going out there. EVER again. We have to get him used to using the litter box. He has used it before. He needs to realize there is no more outside time. I am assuming after a while he will? I ignore his pleas to go outside. Oh poor baby. He is so focused on his cone. Eating and drinking has been such a chore for him. I had to use bowls and dishes upside down so he can get his head in with the food. He ends up with a few pieces of cat food in the cone and then rolls around and knocks them loose. The area he is eating at is a big mess. So I am playing nurse to my kitty. I don't mind it one bit. I will be happy when that cone is gone. It gets in our way for snuggling. He is still purring so loudly. He is a tough cookie.

I am working on a few personal orders. Once I get them done I can share some photos with you. I have a baby shower to attend this Sunday. I am making tutu's for wine bottle centerpieces. You then can use that tutu on the baby. It's such a cute idea. I will take photos when I finish them. I hope to get them done today. They need to be done today. I am also making crab stuffed mushrooms. They were requested by a craving pregnant lady. I am so pleased to know my mushrooms are being craved. Happy Weekend to you!
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