Vintage Bed Sheet Fabric Dresses

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I made these dresses out of vintage bed sheets last year.
I decided to keep this one for myself. And the one below.
I never keep anything for myself. I am going to start making
a bunch more of these dresses so I thought I should
take what I like now and spoil myself a little.

I found more of this fabric the other day. I will just have
to make another one for sale. Since I am keeping it.
I really do love the colors and the print.
These two dresses will be perfect for
spring 2012. I love everything about them both.
I need to find some color stockings.

I love using vintage bed sheets in my creations.
I love making them as much as my dolls.
They are so much fun and pretty.
Vintage bed sheets are perfect for crafting.
You can go to your thrift store and
pick up any bed sheet and just use it as practice.
Sheets usually cost about 1.00 to 5.00 bucks
depending on your area, size of sheet and thrift store.
There is a bunch of fabric in a sheet.
They come in so many colors and patterns and styles.
I prefer the vintage bright ones.

This Snow White one is for sale in my Etsy Shop right now.

This is on the fence. I just went DIY crazy on this one.
I love the doiley I used.
The vintage quit piece I found while thrifting one day.
I think I am keeping this one.
I could use it for my local crafty shows
and grocery shopping and thrifting.
I did have a photo shoot in this dress.
I guess I SHOULD keep it.
I can always make more and plan too.
I have several skirts I made like this too. I need
to get photos of those.

I made these too. These are bigger sized than the other ones.
I am going to just make all kinds of styles and sizes.
I wanna go crazy.
I have been using vintage patterns and then
just throwing my own ideas in the mix.
I made sleeves bigger and added pockets.
I want to add more pockets and hidden pockets.

I just got more of this fabric so I think I will make another dress from it.


you are always so creative, those are just the cutest dresses!

gorgeous! I also love vintage sheets!

These are AWESOME!! I have a couple of those same vintage sheets (the first two) and I've always wondered what they would look like as a dress. You've inspired me to give it a go!

love the one with the dresden plate¡¡¡

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