Craft Corner Make-Over

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I currently do not have a room to myself. I have to be creative on how to store all my crafting goodies. Husband can't wait till I get my own room. HAHA! So until then I have to make do with a corner in the house. I am currently making this corner over. I usually have my green doll hutch in this corner. I moved it over where I had my Christmas tree, cause that corner was screaming I'm NEKKY! I have this wood shelf that looks like a doll house. I had it stored in my son's room. He was all to happy to see it go. hehe I bought this shelf 4 years ago and I have YET to paint it. I just don't know what I will paint it. When it comes time for me to have my own room I am sure I will have a color picked out. Until then it will stay natural.

This shelf needed something in the back. There is no backing to the shelf. That is good and then bad. Its good cause I can put lots of things in there and if I go over a bit on the shelf I don't have to worry about them not fitting. Then the bad. You can see right thru it when looking. So the wall becomes part of the look. Icky! The shelf is not flush with the wall. Even more of an ICKY look when peeking in. I remembered that I have this vintage cutter quilt my friend Melissa gave to me last year at the Prim Mart Convention. I adore the quilt so much. There are so many vintage adorable fabrics to stare at. So I decided to cut the quilt and staple gun it to the back of the shelf. I really love the look of it. You like? I will update you with more pics as I go. I keep moving things around right now.
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