I am knitting and ITS KNIFTY

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Oh Cheese Cheese Cheese. I know. I totally cheezed it up a bit. After many hours/days of trying to figure out the loom knitting, I am happy to say I DID it. I am knitting a scarf. Ok LIE. I am knitting 2 scarves. I am so excited. I am making this purple one out of thick chunky yarn and I plan to add some off white and some more purple. I want to make the scarf long and thick. I want to be able to wrap it around me a few times and still have length. I just love to snuggle in them. I am making this scarf on the round loom.

I can never just do one thing. I can't. I am obsessive compulsive. Thankfully I use it in crafts. I can never make one of anything. My mind thinks faster than my fingers will allow. I found this amazing color of yarn at Michaels the other day and I had to get it. I am almost finished. It didn't take long to do. Little cat liked this too. She was caught carrying away the ball of yarn. However I was still using it so she didn't get far. Naughty kitty strikes again. I am thinking of making a how to video for this scarf. I have seen the videos out there. Trust me I went thru them all. It would be nice if they started off from the begining and then walk you through to the end. I was stuck at several different areas and had to go to 4 different places to see what to do. Plus that $1.49 booklet I bought at Ac moore that filled in the last piece for me. Gesh. But HEY I am on my way to SEVERAL scarves. So I guess it was worth all the hassle in the end.


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I would love to encourage you to make the knitting video from the start, and show step-by-steps on how to make the scarves using the Knifty Knitter long-looms. I'm more a visual learner even though I have the same kits you have displayed for the scarves, the booklet is a little confusing. I got it for Christmas '07 and I would love to use it. If you decide to make a video- can ya pretty please leave a tag on my blogger. Also what yarns do you recommend? Brand-wise? Thanks and good luck on your knitting projects! I'm still waiting to use mine! *blush*

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