75% off Walmart Fabric Purchase

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Ok, So I went back again to look at what was left. 75% is way better than 50%. I knew once it got down to the 75% there would be slim pickens. However, I think I was able to get a few nice prints. (yes some you have seen before) But with it being 75% off its kinda hard not to purchase more. This was all about $13.00. Cept the zippers are not on sale. Just the fabric.

Before the sale went to 75% off I did purchase this for 50% off:
Oh yes that is supergirl fabric, 5 yards! I have NO clue what to do with it. (LOVE IT)
Do I really want to confess to you how many times I went back? Oh my a few times. But not all the time did I buy fabric. Sometimes thread and paint was purchased. AND LOOK ZIPPERS. I needed those items. But then I would just pass the fabric, feel the fabric, smell the fabric.... and know that in a few days it will be all gone. SO a happy hoarding I went! Yards and Yards of hoarding. But HAPPY HOARDING!


OMG you always have the cutest fabrics! Is this walmart special still going on or what?

They are closing the fabric dept in my city. So they have been lowering the price for the last 3 weeks. I had to indulge a little. Just a tad. hehe

In doing a google search for supergirl fabric it lead me to your post. Could you please give me details off the side of the supergirl material to help me find it? Thanks so much! My dd's name is Sabryn and we always call her Super Sabryn. Her whole room is done in Supergirl and I adore this new fabric. Thanks ever so much! hawaiianatheart AT gmail DOT com

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