Part 2 baby Gifts!

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Oh The party was just so MUCH fun. Sadie's first Birthday was a blast. SO when her mommy opened Sadie's handmade gifts from me.....SHE SQUEALED! I was so smiles. She loved her bag and zippy pouch. She says WOW I never heard of a Mommy getting presents on her child's birthday. (giggle) I made her this adorable dolly with pink hair. Which she just loved so much. I made her a pink haired dolly for her not too long ago. You may remember? Well She was in so much love with that dolly. She said I am almost tempted to keep the doll myself. I said I won't think bad of you if you do. HAHA! She didn't keep it. So I knew what she was "hoping" for? hehe

Sadie's mommy was really freaking out about this pink teddy bear. I told her it was not my pattern. (you too can make this bear, its a free download here) She told me her and her friends have been passing around magazines and they "found" this almost same style of bear in the magazine. She was really shocked at the price too it was about $50.00. She said. Hey, How did you know about these new creations? Then she said STRIKE that your a crafty sewer, OF COURSE you know about the softie revolution. (snicker, I do I do) All of her "go green" friends were just loving and OOOoooh and Ohhhing her (my) handmade goodies. YIPEEEE! (proud smile)

Just in case you wanted to know EVERYTHING tasted AWESOME! I got the blue on blue lolly pop. I took it and RAN out the door. (you gotta be quick when there are little kids and candy around)


what beautiful gifts - one lucky little girl! Lisa L.

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