Another Walmart Fabric section closes!

anniescupboards Reply 12:06 PM

MY closest walmart is now offically getting rid of their fabric.


As soon as I got closer to the section I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG! Things all looking different. Shelves moved. Stuff is moved around a big ole sign saying Fabric 25% off. However really ITS 50% off (they forgot to change the sign, said the girl), They started clearing out the fabric last WEEK! Every week it will be cheaper and cheaper. However you know that is goes VERY FAST and nothing will be left when its down to the ends.


Its just not freaking fair. SURE I have 2 others I can go to. Eventually that one will be gone and then I will have one. ONE only and one is better than none. BUT REALLY only cause the Seminole Indians do we even have it. They got the OK to keep it. Seeing how they do much buisness with them. Which they do. And lucky for me they don't buy REPRODUCTION and homespuns lol However they buy TONS of EVERYTHING else INCLUDING my MUSLIN! But are they going to really keep that fabric section? Are they just lying to us and keeping up quiet till one day I walk in and see a FREAKING SIGN??


I mean really WHERE can you freaking find a 1.00 and 2.00 and 3.00 a yard?? GOOD FABRIC TOO! Ok sometimes the fabric is a bit eww kinda stiff or what not but the PRINT was so WORTH IT and it went well and sold well. Some of the stuff you just could not get enough of. SOme really juicy good homespuns. REMEMBER all THE GOOD stuff you use to be able to get. The mustards the red. OH THE RED. The brown the blue. Even the freaking CALICO fabric they had way back when was the bomb. They have some nice prints and colors. 2.00 a YARD!! Now....nothing and no more.


I went today and I grabbed a few things. I pretty much new this was coming and I have been buying YARDS of my favorites. Maybe a little too much buying. But this trip I spent about 13.00 bucks and only $8 was fabric.

I was walking thru the dept just shaking my head. I have been thru 3 rag shop closings. Ok 4 if you count the one I just ran into and ran out but spent a little cash. I went thru a MAJOR craft store closing. This place was replaced by home depot and they didnt have to expand the building thats HOW BIG this place was. They had every craft/hobby you could think of in there. And I went thru 3 walmart fabric close outs already. This one just kinda left me feeling empty and I had no energy to give an emotion until I got into the car. LOL I was like. FARK another one bites the dust!
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