Purse, handbag crazed anyone?

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I am a bit of a girly girl when it comes to purses. I don't have a favorite cause I love them all and I cant just have one. I will spend hardly nothing or a few pennies to satisfy the girl in me. If I see a pattern or print or color that I love. Oh its a must have. Sometimes I have to leave with nothing but drool on my chin. Some purses are too rich for my pennies. I do have the same love for shoes but I don't buy the shoes as much. I don't like breaking them in. However, breaking in a purse? Oh yes. So easy and pain free.

I have tried the big over sized bags/purses. I don't like them. They take up half my body. And what do those girls put inside those over sized purses? I don't have that much stuff to carry. And If I did I would not want to carry that bag. I purchased a few clutch purses yesterday. The first one was from Target. Too cute. I love the Mod floral print on the front and back. Plus the aqua. Hello favorite color this year. I saw this purse a week ago when I went in to grab some tissue paper. I said NO you don't need another purse. And I left it. Only to go back into Target yesterday for some apply jelly and of course I passed the purse again. BUT wait...what's this? Its on clearance for $10.00? And only 2 left. Oh We had to buy then. Not to mention I could not get the purse outta my mind for a week. That is horrid. Who day dreams of purses and fabric? (me!) Oh I dream of more than that trust me. But who wants to confess everything in one day? I picked up the blue clutch a few months back and I haven't used it yet. I forget its there. Oh dear. Hello its too cute not to use. I love the Mod circle print in the inside. The last one was purchased at Target with the other aqua purse. Its too adorable and was on sale too. So I had to get it. It reminded me of a LARGE purse I fancied a few months back that I never bought. CAUSE it was just too big. This is more my size with all the color of the big one I passed up. Even Hot pink in the inside. Oh cute.

I also purchased a silk head wrap at Target. (yes more mod print oh my) I really love them. They are so fun to wear. There is a trick to wearing them. First you have to have a messy head of hair that day. You know the kind you don't want people to see in but if you have a pretty head scarf you become instantly cute! You tie the scarf around your head and then use those barrettes that snap. Or you can use bobby pins. I don't like bobby pins they dig into my head. I just snap a few around the scarf and they are in place for the whole day. Much easier on the head than a headband too. I have yet to find a head band that does not hurt or even stay put. The head scarfs with the clips.......perfect and cute!


Hi! Thanks for checking my blog out too! Ok, lets put eachothers blog links on our blogs, yippee!
I got the idea for the braclets out of the book Button (ware)by Amy Barickman, founder, Indygo Junction. http://www.joggles.com/
This is the site I ordered it from if you sign up for weekly updates it is cool because she sends a new email every Sunday morning. Lots of cool stuff on there. I LOVE your new purses exactly like my style too. We sound a lot alike as far as our style.
Take care, Debbie

what cute little purses! I do love sweet purses, but I must admit, I do not day dream about them.. I do daydream about fabrics and what I will make next though... all the time!! I passed up the cutest fabrics in walmart today.. Now all I can think is what cute doll dresses they would make.. espeacially raggedy ann dresses!!!

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