Anniescupboards Free Fabric Headband Tutorial Pattern

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Anniescupboards Headband

Supplies needed:

Half a yard of any fabric you like.
Rick Rack

Tools Needed:

Sewing machine
Iron (heavy steam setting)

This headband does not take too much time to make and you can make several different ones to match outfits in one afternoon.

First you will need to cut out 2 fabric strips measuring 3 ½” tall and the entire width of your fabric. That will give you two nice long strips.

I then iron them to get all the creases out and lay them out flat on my ironing board.

I want to sew these two fabric strips together with the fabric showing on the top and bottom. But I want to do it neat and clean. To achieve this look you will need to take one of the long strips of fabric and fold it over a bit. I then make sure my iron is ready to use. I have it set to a high steam setting so it will give me a nice crease line and hold my fabric in place. Just iron all the way down the fabric strip.

When your ironing the second fabric strip, just use your first one as a guide to how wide they should be. (note you can always fix later if some tends to stick out more than it should)

Place both fabric pieces together.

You are going to want to leave a space for the first 1 ½ inches on the strip so Do not sew leave it open. This will be tucked in and sewn in a later step.

Just sew the left side together. Don’t sew the right side together just yet. After you have sewn one side of the two strips together, go back to your ironing station. Check your strips to see if they are even. If they are not then you can adjust and then re-iron the areas that need fixing. After you made the adjustments you can sew the other side together. Remember leaving the space of 1 ½” of space.

The next step is to fold the ends in and then iron them and then sew them closed. The ironing will make them square off neatly.

I then cut out 2 pieces of fabric that is 12 wide” x 4 tall”.

This will be the headband cozy. I will fold them and iron them to form creases, like I did with the long strips.

Match them up and make sure they are even with each other.
Then take each side of the ends and fold over and iron. I then sew all the ends and clip off the extras.

Make sure when your making this you take the long strip and see if it fits into the cozy before sewing. You don’t want it too tight that it won’t fit or that it’s snug and pulling.

Take your rick rack. Place it between the two pieces of fabric.

You will need to make sure its sticking out some but not to much. Then sew all three pieces together. This will sew your rick rack in and also sew the headband cozy half closed. You will then need to sew the other side of the cozy. I like to reinforce my sewing seams on each of the four sides just to ensure my rick rack and seams won’t fall out. Remember don’t sew the cozy closed. You need to slip this on to the long fabric strip.

On a side creative note. You can easily make this part from linen or muslin and hand stitch a name and or a design of your choice. It will make it more personal for gift giving.

Ok your almost done.

Next you will need to take a safety pin and pin on the long strip. Feed it thru your cozy till you get the cozy worked to the middle of your long fabric strip. I then pass the iron over it more time.

And that’s it! Your finished.
Feel free to make these to sell on your websites, auction sites or craftshows. Just remember to tell them its from an Anniescupboards pattern. XOXO


Thank you sooo much you sweet Sherry you!!! I am so anxious to give this a try. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

Thanks so much for sharing! Cant wait to try!

Thanks for all your wonderful patterns and tutorials! What great talent you have. You make beautiful things. Karen

Thank you, I'll try to make it, and I have just the same fabric! :)

love the pattern but how do you attach to your head? I most be missing something (LOL)

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