Just sewing away here.

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I have been sewing away. I have made a few headbands yesterday. Today I am working on some bags and dolls. I am going to be working on those all week.

I have been busy homeschooling my youngest. The start of a new school year. So much refreshing and so much new to teach. I need to get over to the library tomorrow to pick out a nice reading book for him. I also would like to plan a field trip for history. I am going to teach him about the Seminole Indians. I should get a book on them as well. Have your kids started school yet? This is my first year not having to go shopping for clothing and school supplies and the yadaa yadaa that goes with it all. My oldest has graduated. I pulled my son out during the middle of last year. So he was home schooled half of last year. My morning routine is totally different. I am trying to get used to everything. Oh its makes for a fun full day! I sure don't miss sitting outside with 6 kids in my car waiting for the school bus to arrive. And its funny how home school work is done in the same amount of time public school home work was done in. I really feel he is connecting and learning. He is grasping but needs lots of work. So a busy year for Mrs. Sherry.


those are so cute!!! I ave not even begun doing my craft fair stuff!!

My first visit to your blog and a very pleasant one it is. I like the Boxy bag. Sweet headbands too!

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