Vintage Toy Sewing Books & Lunch

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After I got my chores done this morning, shopping for some school books for my son and then getting cold medicine for the oldest (he better not give me that cold) I was off to the library to find oodles of vintage books. I accidentally brought one home I already own. Opps. It was really nice to see such a nice selection of vintage books at my local library. I saw a few others I am going to get for my next visit. I thought 6 books would keep me busy. Oh has it ever. I am just giving myself a little schooling of such. Trying to see how things are made. Well how they explain things are made. Some of the ways shown in a very long way to do things. I know short cuts. I did learn some knew things tho. I loved looking thru the retro pages. So many retro crafts and patterns and fun good yummy things to play with on a rainy day like today was. Also lunch was yummy. Onion bagel with cream cheese, fresh onion and nova (even tho I asked for lox).

I have holiday crafts on my mind. Are you ready for this season? Oh it comes so fast. So you must begin your creative goodies now. (Halloween is like almost here) Someone cue in the Christmas Music.......


Oh my look at all that eye candy! I *love love love* looking at holiday books and magazines!

So happy to hear you had a good time at your show. I would have loved to come! I saw a few girls you had for sale that I adore.


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