Vintage Sheets found with Pyrex and Corelle

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I made it to the thrift store today. You know the one that was closed yesterday. I found some really good items in there too. And hardly spent that much. Everything was 75% off today. WOW!
Beat up blue Pyrex small bowl. $.60 cents. (cats new water dish) even the banged up Pyrex will have a home in my house.
King size fitted sheet.
Twin size fitted sheet. (found another its posted below)
Full fitted sheet. Maybe its a twin. I forget now. (giggle)
Here is the other twin size fern fitted sheet and I found another green flower fitted twin size. ( I already have a twin size in this and a duvet cover) So this is my 3rd piece in that print.
I have 5 mugs I purchased for $1.00 in this print. Today I found 4 small plates and saucers. ($2 for all 8)
Vintage Mod full size green towel.
3 juice glasses (no name but darn cute and mod looking)
2 very small Pyrex glasses. I found salt and pepper shakers in the same print when I was in PA remember? I also saw 1 plate and 1 bowl but passed on them. They were not in the best condition.

I found this LARGE serving platter. I would say it fits in my Mod decor. There is no name on it. Its all glass and a little bit heavy. No dings or chips either. Yipee!
Ya know I screamed when I found this vintage sheet set. Its a twin. Complete with fitted, flat and pillow cases. Not just one pillow case. 2 of them. WOOT!
Twin size fitted and flat Rainbow Brite Sheets.
Garfield twin size fitted sheet. My younger sister Bonnie had these sheets as a kid.

I am really excited about my vintage wares that I have found on Sunday and today. I have more than enough here to get me started and on my way to some go green crafting. I have oodles to play with. Where to begin? What to make? Oh my. Wait till you see what I planned. I really love this go green crafting. The shopping part is wildly and wicked fun. You never know what you will find. You hope you don't pay too much for an item cause your going to take it apart and put it back together. Repurpose it! You try not to fall in love with anything you purchase. (which will happen anyways, but you try.)


love those flowered sheets... sweet! great finds.. there were 100s of yard sales around here this weekend, and I didnt get to any!!
have a great day!

Hey gurl! Love your new goodies! I found this cute lil make over and thought of you!
Isn't it cute?!!!

OMG! I simply must have you make me something with those rainbow bright sheets! I love rainbow bright.Brings back memories.

Hi, I just have to leave a comment for you -- it is really a little creepy how your taste in old sheets so closely resembles my family's taste in , er, old sheets.

check this out:
1. today, i was looking for fern-y sheets online to make curtains out of. So I searched ebay and found the vera fern pattern that you have a pillowcase of above. not so weird yet, but wait

2. that green floral sheet you have next to it there is actually what i really want more of, in brown -- my grandmother used to have that pattern all over her guest bedroom (in brown with white flowers)

then 3.. I went and looked at your etsy store, only to find that yellow rose fitted sheet you have there, which is the pattern my mother has in her guest bedroom.

ok, so maybe this isn't the world's biggest coincidence.. maybe they just made a lot of those sheets.. and i do see that yellow rose print in the thrift stores a lot.. but still, the sheet synchronicity really made me happy, so I thought i'd drop you a line anyway.

cheers :)

oh - ps.. there was a 4th coincidence (!?) which is that little green flowered corelle is the pattern i've been looking for also. I only have a few bowls and plates so far, though.

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