Fabric Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

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You will need to cut out several circles. Depending on how many leaves you want. I took my coffee mug turned it upside down, traced it on paper and used that for my circle. If you want smaller leaves make a smaller circle.
Cut your circle in half.
Fold your cut circles in half. Only sew on the line you made to cut it in half.
Then you need to turn them outside in.
Flatten the leaf and then make a running stitch using matching thread.
Once you have done one just keep adding more leaves until you have as many as you want. (I just did 6) You can see your flower forming. Once your done adding your leaves just sew the last one and the first one together. You will need some wool felt and trace your hair clip.
Clip off the tip on one side and then sew together. Completed hair clip cozy.
You will need a vintage button and make another set of flowers this time using less leaves than the first time. I just used 4.
Stack them on top of each other and sew closed. Then sew on to your hair clip cozy.
Insert your hair clip and your done.
Enjoy! Feel free to use this tutorial for all your crafting needs.
Supplies needed:
Vintage sheets
Goody Hair Clips that snap
basic sewing supplies
vintage button
wool felt (you can use craft felt but wool is stronger/thicker)


You are an absolute angel for posting how to make the flowers for the clips. I've got so many little bits of fabric that will be just right for these and I shall be enlisting the help of my grandaughter in making them because she loves to craft. xx

Sherry, thanks for sharing your talent with the world. I love these clips, thinking of making some for daughters cheer team!

Those are sooooo cute, I have seen them many times and wondered how to do them.

I made some of these today and they are absolutely adorable, thanks for the tutorial!

I will need to cut out several circles. Depending on how many leaves I want. You took your coffee mug turned it upside down, traced it on paper and used that for your circle. If I want smaller leaves make a smaller circle. You have a Talented Guy and I love your fabulous Idea.

ooh, i loved this toot! so easy and so cute. thanks for sharing! you can see the one i made here. more are sure to follow :)

Thank you for the tutorial! So easy to make and gorgeous....

Such a creative and innovative post.

Thanks for such clear, easy directions for this flower clip! I am going to make some today.

I love this flower clip. So cute. Thanks for the tutorial. DO you think it would work as well with an alligator clip? Or not so much?

Bchandler I think it might. You might have to play. OR use a hot glue gun to make it stay!


Ohhh, I'm totally making this tomorrow. What a great idea for using fabric scraps, love it!

The Fabric flower hair clips really look like a success. We wish you all great success this new year.

Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

Thank you so much, I love this one too! I'lkl have to try it soon. :)

Thank you again! I finally got around making it for my daughter on her hairband and she loves it. I think I will make one for myself too! :)

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