My little Sister found me!

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I have some really exciting news to share with you. For years you have heard me talk of my two missing sisters. My younger and my older sister. youngest sister contacted me today On facebook of all things. The only reason I signed up there was to look for her. Lots of people have been finding me too. I have been looking for her for so long. 12 years. You can not imagine the joy in my heart I have right now. We chatted on the phone for a bit and shared some tears. I can't wait to talk to her again. We are not in the same state but pretty close to it. My hubby had the pleasure of listening to me cry like a baby just moments ago. My heart is so happy. Oh how I have missed her and oh the times we must catch up on. Thank you Lord. God is good. Today is the best day. I am ever so thankful. I have one of my sisters back. Horray!

July 13, 2009 BEST DAY EVER!


Fabulous news. Its amazing how facebook has opened up this amazing way of finding people. Before you had to go through complicated channels of communication and then chances of finding people were slim. I am very happy for you. *hugs*

oh, that is so awesome! facebook has been a blessing to me and my husband also, a cousin he had searched for, for so long actually found him two days after joining and I have had two old friends from my teenage years find me! Enjoy your new found sisters blessings!

That is fantastic (((((((Sherry))))))) God is great!!! Niki xxx

Dear Sherry,
This is the greatest news. I'm sure the only thing that could be better is hearing from both. God is good. You'll be in my prayers tonight when I praise him for the miracle he has provided for you. I wish you & your sister all the happiness in the world!

Praise God Sherry! I am so thrilled for you! Facebook is such a great tool to use in situations like yours'! A few months ago I had my twin foster sons whom I hadn't heard from in almost 10 years find me on Facebook! We now are in constant contact with each other & we, too shed tears when we finally got to talk to each other by phone! They were both in our live for 4 years til they graduated high school & joined the military...moving on with their lives soon thereafter! We praise Him for re-uniting our family! I am just soooo happy for you & your sister!

That is soo awesome. Im really happy for you. does she have any clue about your other sister? May I ask how you all got separated and lost each other. I did not see two of my sisters for 15 years and just saw them in march. It was so wonderful to see them. Not only did I see them but it was the first time in 30 .. yes 30 years that we were all together, there are 5 of us. we were all just kids the last time we were all together.. mY mother had taken us camping! I was 17!
anyways.. yes.. god is so good!

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