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I have a bunch of to do's. Seriously a whole mess of them. Lets start with that website of mine. I am so embarrassed. I have slacked on it. I have not updated it like I planned to in the spring. There are no dolls for sale even tho I have 2 listed. They found homes long ago. I feel so terrible about not being able to keep up. It happens tho. I just can't be one of them supergirls who run everything like a pro. I am totally not slacking tho in the craft show making dept. or the being a mom and wife dept. So that should count for something. I have a few items on my to do list and one of them is fixing and updating my website. Nothing major just need to clear out the cobwebs.

I am currently making dolls to fill my site and my Etsy Shoppe. I really love Etsy don't you? You can find oodles of vintage. Supplies for your crafting needs and bunches of knifty crafted items from handmade artists themselves.

I have to shop for all my homeschol books and supplies these next few weeks. I am teaching 8th grade this year. I kinda of said that with with a whimpy cheer. I just have more to teach. I love it Don't get me wrong. But it means I too have to repeat the 8th grade. HAHA!

Comepletely random, while typing to you I am sitting on my back patio and I saw 8 butterflies flying around and a squirrel who MISSED his jump.
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