My Big News: I am in Create & Decorate Magazine

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Yes. I know, its so amazing. Me, Sherry Marrero of is in Create & Decorate Magazine. I am now a published doll maker. I have been working behind the scenes here for over a year. Yes I have been keeping this quiet for that long. I am in the current FALL issue of Create & Decorate magazine. Now I don't have anything to show you as of yet, cause I don't have a copy of it myself. I know, I shall. My friends who have the magazine subscription actually emailed me and pointed it out. I am on Page 22. Remember, Its the fall issue. It has not hit the newsstands yet. You can believe I shall go get a few copies. Yipppeee!!

When I get a copy I am going to get give one away here on my blog. That means a contest is coming! XOXO

I am really excited. This is just the beginning too. I told you I had some big news to share with you all. I am just so proud to have my work in a magazine. If you would be interested in buying a copy just comment and I will see how many I can pick up and you can purchase them in my Etsy shoppe. Cause I am not sure Paris has access to this magazine? Canada? UK? Japan?

I wanted to take the time to thank my friends who pushed me for the last 4 years to get in this magazine. I finally stopped judging myself as an artist and learn to be exhilarated in my creations. XOXO


Sherry that is incredible news and I am soo proud of you! A HUGE CONGRATS your way! I would LOVE to get a copy and I cant wait to see it!

Well done Sherry, you work so hard and you really do deserve to get your work recognised. Pam xx

Yippee Sherry!!!! I'm so happy to hear that. You definately deserve to be acknowledged & let the rest of the world see your wonderful creations. I can't wait to pick up a copy of the magazine. Kudo's to you kid!
Hugs x 10, Tracy

I got my copy of the magazine and I recognized your dollie right away! I even showed my husband! Congratulations girlfriend! You know you've been my favorite dollmaker all along! I have a prim cupboard full to prove it!

Congrats!!! That is a huge accopmlishment. You should be very proud of yourself, Valerie

Congrats - that is wonderful news. Good for you!!!

Great news! Im proud to know a published doll maker.

I too am so proud of you! YOU did it! AND YOU will do it AGAIN & AGAIN!

Love you girl!

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