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I always see phones like this for sale. This one was cheap enough not to pass up. It works and has lots of long wall cord. I would have rather had a black or red one. So I think I shall craft this one up and make it more me. We have no land phone lines here. We use cell phones. Why have so many bills? We stopped using a land line 3 years ago when the hurricanes were coming threw here left and right. The cell phones were the only phones working during the storm. Not all the time tho. But when you can have internet and phone service when the power is out in your house, you become very happy and wonder what good is that land phone for? Not to mention free long distance. Today's future forces yesterdays leftovers into art.
I found a set of 4 cups and 1 mug of that "milk type looking glass". They have the same look as Pyrex, Fire King and Anchor Hocking. However they are none of those. They are called Termocrisa. They were made in Mexico. How cool is that they have made similar dishes. I like them. You can find a few on Ebay here. I hope to find more. I see some cute ones. These are red and blue. I personally think they say Christmas. (50 cents each)
I found this plastic napkin holder & this Aladdin Thermos. It has hardly been used. I am going to use this. I used to have one when I was a kid. You remember them don't you? Come peek over here. I used to have Charlie Brown/Peanuts and I had Holly Hobby. I need to ask my sisters what they had. I don't remember and now I am really interested in knowing, Pronto. I love that this one has a handle. I just love holding it. That I could just carry it with me anywhere and have something refreshing or soothing to drink/eat. They have the screw tight lids so you know nothing is escaping and the lid that turns into a handy little cup. And don't forget you can unscrew the bottom and clean that area out if needed or replace your cooling/heating unit/cup inside. Oh and that game box you see me stacking things on. That is actually a vintage game board that folds out and the inside part has all these little wood carved pieces. All of them there. This dates from the 1970's.

Now normally I am not an Avon collector. But this screams hello use me and I am super cute and only 50 cents you must take me home. So I did. I am going to clean it and use it. Its a hand pump. Its made of glass and has some weight to it. It very bright. Love in an instant.
I almost over looked these. They were stacked among a bunch of things and kinda almost just got lost. Almost. The yellow bowl is not that big its a Fire King bowl (25 cents) and the plate is pink Pyrex (50 cents) I also found a set of 4 wood carved floral napkin rings. Those are getting a make over.

Oh Yipee. I have not been thrifting in a while cause I am just too busy. I have been sewing away super woman like and painting away. I am going to offer a variety of crafts this year and I hope to get them all done. I think as a vendor you have this fear/panic that sets in a month before the show. You wonder if you will have enough. Did you make enough of the right things and did you offer all of your talents for sale? Some vendors I think have stock kept hidden away. Maybe they have stores or they just started making things way earlier than I? No way. I have OCD remember? haha I know I will have enough to show off I mean sell. HAHA. I am at the point of where I am running out of room to hide all my handmades. They will soon have to come out of hiding from around the house and into storage bins. There is lots I don't want to let go but must for the sake of Art and self Indulging in a little bit of OH YES...I made this.

Home school is going back into full swing on Monday. (did you hear the little one scream? lol) We have lots of reading and Science and History to learn. Oh yes. I think more field trips should be done this year. Visit some state parks. We have lots of historical and science things to do around here. We need to learn about history past and present. Maybe spark a future job for the little man. Oh wait he is in 8th grade. No more little man stuff. Shoot. I hate that they grow and get all teenager like. haha.
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