Crunch time, Thrifting and a Dentist

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Vintage Anchor Hocking Yellow Bowl
Vintage Tulip Pyrex Casserole dish
Vintage Corelle Mugs? Are these mugs? Now I have just one in beige like this and I thought it was a creamer. Now I am thinking this is not true?? They are mugs aren't they? When did they start and stop making their mugs like this?
Twin Size complete set (its on Etsy for sale if you want/lust it in my shoppe) There is a flat a fitted and a pillowcase. It does have a flaw. Looks as if someone repaired it which of course just adds to the charm of this vintage set. You can see more photos on Etsy.
Twin size fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases and I am totally using this. In fact the pillowcases have already been laundered and on the bed. I am going to try to make a sheet quilt and the fitted sheet will be in that quilt. I just need more prints for me to start a quilt. Oh and you know I am not a quilter so this will be a fun yet interesting project.

I have bee busy busy as you can tell from the lack of post I have been making during the week. My craft show that I am attending here in South Florida. Stitch Rock is happening Oh yes and I am totally READY. Where is this craft show? Delray Beach On Oct. 3rd. Saturday at noon till 6 pm. 51 N. Swinton Ave Delray Beach, FL. Its at the Vintage Gym there and you will be covered in ac while shopping. Yipee. I love indoor shows don't you? There is free covered parking. There is a $5.00 cover charge. The first 150 people get a free gift bag full of goodies and discounts and info about the artists you are visiting. There will be music and fashion show. Please come by and see me.

So of course while I am busy busy busy my teeth decided they wanted attention. Some much needed attention lets say. I hate the dentist. Prolly cause as a child my mother never took us to the dentist. Which isn't good. Thankfully I do practice good teeth hygiene however not perfect. I must now floss my heart out. Ugh I know who likes that. But if I want to care for my teeth I must. I had to go to the dentist and he told me about all the little cavities I have going on. Double Ugh. And I need a tooth pulled because I refuse to get a root canal and you wont see that tooth when I smile so I am getting it yanked. Triple Ugh. So this week I had a broken filling fixed. It feels so good to have that fixed. I am going to get the rest of my teeth worked on and fixed which thankfully isn't much cept the tooth pulling oh and the dentist also wants my wisdom teeth pulled. Even tho they are already grown in and haven't done much shifting. One is really crooked on top. But you cant see or tell. I will prolly get that one taken out but I really am too chicken to think or talk of it anymore. haha!


AAAggghhh the dentist. I run screaming. That is why I refuse to go to any dentist who does not offer nitros oxcide (gas). Even then I have to wear a headset turned up very loud plus get several shots of novicane. I always tell the dentist don't bother explaining anything durning the proceedure because I'm doing my best to be in another world and not in this chair. Ha-ha. I have never gone to the dentist when it wasn't a fortune either. Good luck with the dentist and the busy schedule....Tracy

P.S. I'm hosting my 1st giveaway. Please stop by.

The little corelle cup is a coffee cup. I have a set of them from the 70"s I think. You can't break them.LOL Great finds. I also have a set of those bowls in green that I have had since I got married in the 60's. Hugs, Valerie

I love the yellow Anchor Hocking bowl and the tulip Pyrex casserole! We could never thrift together, because I can tell from reading your blog that we would go after a lot of the same stuff!

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