Sewing Machine Review: Bernina Activa 230

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I thought I should write up a part 2 of my sewing machine purchase with a review. It has been almost a full year since I have owned this machine. I have been getting several emails from people asking me how its been sewing on this machine. Do I like it? Was it worth the $? If I had to grade this machine from 1-10, I would say this machine is a Perfect 10. No way can't be you say. Nothing is perfect. Oh yes my friend, I am happy to say I am so excited with this sewing machine purchase. I am still finding new things on it to play with and its very easy to use. The booklet it came with is very direct and easy to read and will have you going at no time. I refer to it a bunch. In fact I am going to rate this entire line (Activa) a 10. I have owned several sewing machines in the past as I have mentioned before in my prior post. There is a big difference let me tell you. The quality in the stitches are really nice and that is important to someone like me who cares about the details, yes even the small ones. There is no jumping threads. There is no wacky loud strange noises. Its just smooth sailing I mean sewing. Look I am no expert on sewing. Sure I have been sewing for some time now but I practiced my heart out on lots of inexpensive sewing machines. And I even broke a few which taught me some things you just can not do on a simple sewing machine. After my practice was over I decided to take the plunge and spend some of my hubby's hard earn cash for a really nice (well deserved) sewing machine. I must say that day was the best sewing purchase I have ever made. I like the fact the company is so solid and strong. I like the fact that if anything happens I can go to my local shop where I purchased my machine and they will take care of it. PRONTO. I like the fact the Activa models have all these features. Of course the higher the number the better the features. I really like how one of the features is all the feet they offer you. You can do so many different projects and crafts with just changing out your foot. I still have not used my felting needling foot. I know. I should. I just have not yet felt inspired to work with felt yet. There are several different feet and you have to take a look at them. How exciting. Now if I ever wanted to upgrade my machine they (the store I purchased my machine from) will buy my machine back (of course not for what I paid for it) but more than enough to help me purchase the next upgrade. How is that? I totally recommend getting this machine. You will be so happy and relieved you made the purchase. I recommend you wait till they are on sale. Yes the stores there have sales. Tell them to call you when they are running a special. I bet you get called back really soon. Remember they have all kinds of models and ones that are very affordable for the first time sewer. Like this one. If your just learning to sew get a machine with less bells and whistles, trust me. Have fun and get yourself an upgrade when your ready. When buying a sewing machine make sure your getting the machine that is going to cater to your sewing needs. I chose this model because I really wanted the 240 but could not afford it (and still can't) but this was a very close choice. Mine is just a few features shy away from a 240 and I LOVE my machine and I am very happy with the choice I made.

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