Thrifted Lusterware Peach Fire King Dishes

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I found these pieces at Goodwill. I have been popping in and out of thrift stores all week. I have been running around getting errands done and there just happens to be a thrifty store really close by. So why not run in really quick. You will never know what they have on the shelf. Sure it could be nothing at least you went in to look right?
These don't even look like they were used. They are so shiny. Well, Luster ware is shiny to begin with. I personally am not a fan of the color Peach. Blame it on the 80's. I will be selling these locally at my craft show that is happening NEXT WEEKEND! So if you collect come on over to my booth. (second floor)
Look how they Luster!


I I love Lusterware! But I'm with you on the peach ... I am still recovering from the 80's seeing it teemed with that green ...

I just love your blog, and because I do I wanted to give you an award.

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Oh my Gosh Yes that green. ICKY! Oh and you had me remember my Mother in laws house back then, she has peach wall colors in the bathroom and used that green for the towels and shower curtain Mixed with peach UGH! And in the living room her sofas were white and her pillows yes you guessed it PEACH and that green and her verticle blinds... PEACH and she painted 4 of the panels (in the center) THAT GREEN and for 10 years she held on to that decor. YIKES!

I gave you an award check out my blog tomorrow.

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