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So you are going to vend at a craft show. What are you selling? What do people buy? What are they looking for? What will be that "hot" selling item in your booth? These are all questions every year we ask ourselves as venders. Lets discuss this topic. Maybe it could strike up an idea or just give you food for thought.

When I started preparing to do my first craft show I had no idea what to even make. I had no idea where to even start. The above questions were running around in my head. First, what kind of show are you vending at. This is very important. If you're at a Christmas show, chances are your handmade spring decorations and decor might not sell as fast. Or they might. You could market them as "gifts". This could work for you or against you. So do some research. If you are wanting to attend as a vendor in a craft show you love shopping at or its your first time you need to shop that craft show with a vendors eye. What type of craft show is it? There are many different shows and you must make sure you fall into that category of vendors/crafters/artist. Why? Because the craft show you are thinking about attending is marketing themselves to be that "type" of craft show and those "types" of people that shop them are attending. There is a ton of craft shows to choose from. Just think about the crafts you make and then apply to the show that fits you best.

Now you signed up for your show, what to make? What will sell? Anything. You never know what people are in the mood to buy or what their likes are. Offer up your best hand mades. The ones you know you are really good at making. People are going to pick up your item. They are going to touch it. I like to offer lots of different items in my craft show. I see some people who just make one item and only one item but it's made many different ways. I personally think that limits your sales. I have a friend who paints flower pots. Not everyone who goes to the craft show is going to want a flower pot. Not everyone is also willing to pay $25.00 for the flower pot. You have different shoppers passing you by all the time. Why not offer something for everyone? You don't have to make oodles of stock. You can offer 3 of that item. Or 5 or 6. That way if a flower pot is not for them, maybe that keychain is and they will be willing to purchase that.

"Oh these sold so good for me last craft show." But this year they did not even look at them. This will happen. Something you made was a really good craft show seller last year. So next year you decided to make even more. Yet, time came not one sold or as many. Sometimes this happens. Do not over make an item unless you are really well known for having this item and you know it will sell out. Do offer this item again just do not go overboard.

Want some easy sales? 10 bucks and under. I really recommend having low priced items in your booth. You can easily get someone to buy something for $5.00 than you would $20.00. I am not saying your entire booth should be like this, but I do recommend having them to offer. Trust me those items sell. They just have to be creative, useful and eye catching to the buyer. When I go to the local Christmas Craft fair by me I always see people selling marshmallows in a bag with some clever poem about snowman's poop and I always see people buying them. Seriously? Yes! So you just have to be creative and market your items creatively.

Needing Ideas on what to make? I am just as much am needing them too. What I do is think about what is popular? Try thinking colors, patterns and prints. Retro, Mod, Shabby, Primitive, Colonial, Christmas, Spring, Fall, Winter, Valentines, Halloween, Americana, Tuscan, Indian, Lodge THEMED. Think themes and lots of them. Everyone has their own taste. Everyone. They decorate or know someone who does in that style. Lots of people decorate or wear items to show their love of these things. I personally love aqua and red. (Oh you didn't know? tee-hee) If I see something aqua and red I am very attracted to it. I am really big on Vintage Mod and current Mod prints. So when I shop I am looking for those types of items. I would take the time to research a few of these themes. There are more themes too, like Harley, Hello Kitty and so on. I am not saying make those Licensed items. I am saying make it in those themes. I say play with a few themes. You will get more shoppers if you do. Again, don't limit your sales. I adore Hello Kitty and I am sure lots of people do. I made that doll house and themed it and the people after Hello Kitty, but they are nothing like Hello Kitty. Just in Hello Kitty colors so those who decorate with Hello Kitty have something to complement their collection. (really could I say/write Hello kitty one more time, *grin*)

Use all your talents. Can you knit? Can you crochet, sew on a sewing machine? Sew by hand? Do you play with paper? Do you mold, glue or paint? Use all of your talents when creating goodies for a craft show. If you sew, sew your heart out and if you paint you best add some painted items to your list of "things to make". Do you want to learn these crafts? Research in your area if someone is doing a crafting class. Take the class. Go to the library and research and read the books on "how to______". Learn the techniques or improve yours. Research on the Internet. Think of using those talents in different ways and combine them. Think outside the box. Your an artist that is what you do best. That knitted bookmarker will sell. Those belts made from vintage sheets did sell at my craft show. Be Creative and don't waste your time. Remember we all learn from our failures but it makes us Winners in the end when you don't give up. Failure just means you tried. Try again. Again, please don't limit yourself or your sales.

This is my advice to you. Sorry it was not full of crafty items of what to make. I really do not think there is a list that exists of "what to make that are best sellers for a craft show". Every town is different and so is every person and every craft show. You go out there and create. Craft/play. Learn new crafts. Research. And you will have pride for your crafty creative items and be proud to sell them in public for all to see and hold.


I haven't sold at craft fairs in years. A friend has convinced me to do two with her this year. Your advice is right in line with what I have thinking. Fingers crossed it is a success. Worst case I have lots of Christmas presents made.

Here's a link to a great forum on craft fair bestsellers. It has lots of fun and easy ideas. Great for beginners!

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