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I paid a whole dollar for this medium size Pyrex bowl. This is my first time finding this print in bowls. I see cups and saucers and plates all the time. Never bowls. I know this print and the green one like it was mass produced more than most. That means I should be able to get a set in no time, right? And speaking of cups. I found two more tea cups. I paid .25 cents for them.
The vintage sugar and cream containers are made from a company called Gemco. They are made and feel like Pyrex. I love how they have mushrooms on them. The container on the far right I thought was going to say Corning when I looked at the maker. Oh no its not. It is Pyrex. I remember this pattern from the 80's. I think my mom had something with this pattern in her kitchen. I can't remember what but I remember seeing it a bunch. I paid .25 for it. It looks to hold herbs or garlic? I am thinking this was part of a set of canisters. The bottom is all glass and the lid is plastic. I am going to use it for spices. I have loose nutmeg running around. And your suppose to keep that fresh not running free.


I have the green flower Corelle dishes that I am still using. I think it is from the 80's my mother-in-law gave it to my family as a gift and we have used it daily ever since. I think it is indestructible. The Pyrex that is considered collectible we received as wedding gifts.

Gemco was a chain of stores here in California when I was a child. They were memberships stores like Costco is now but the interior and merchandise was more like a Sears. My mom had some of the Gemco pieces to match her Spring Blossom Green Corelle dishes.

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