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So there I sat reading my Greystone's Creative hands books last night and it keeps referring to other pages in other book in the series. I only picked out the ones I liked. Big mistake. So I had to go back and see about getting the rest of what was left at the store. Thankfully all of them were there since my last visit. But there was never a full set to begin with. There are 22 books in this set. I am missing 8 of them. I have found some of them online. I am sure I wont get my $1.00 a book price and then there is that pesky shipping fee. I will have to dive into these books to see what I am missing. There is a bunch of crafts they teach you in these books. More than what I thought and very informative and helpful. Vintage crafts projects. Its a knitting, dress makers and needle craft book. They have full size patterns and lots of interesting techniques to learn. And of course update for today's crafter.

I found the top Robins egg blue Tupperware jello mold container for .49 cents today. I now have 2.
Vintage wrapping paper that has the cutest mushrooms. Also a vintage folk art painting book.


Nice post! I just received a volume of Creative Hands today that I was inspired to order after already owning a blank journal that had been made using the book's front and back covers. And coincidentally, I have that same tupperware jello mold.

I have the entire series. My mom rescued them from my Grandma's house when she passed away. My Grandpa was ready to throw them away. Aren't they fun?? Some of the pictures/projects make me giggle. Really, a man in a long sweater WITH A BELT over it??? :) But some of the projects are absolute classics!

Just picked up the entire set today at the dump--in mint condition! Friend of mine left me her set when she died, but due to miscommunication, her daughter sold them. Glad I can peruse the set again!

I stopped at a rummage sale in a church yard sometime in the mid 1990s & was on my way to pay for my one find when I stopped to admire the complete set of Creative Hands displayed on one of the many long tables. Two of the church ladies quickly pounced on me, enticing me to buy the books. I was living with friends & relatives, had almost no money and no place to keep stuff so it was easy to resist, at first. When they put the whole set in a huge canvas bag, handed it to me and named $1.00 as a price I was sold! In spite of periods of semi-homelessness I've hung onto the books and still get so much pleasure and useful info from them. I'd love to thank those ladies from Bishop Seabury Church in Groton, CT. for choosing me as the keeper of these treasures.

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