Pocketed Bread Basket Liner Cozy

anniescupboards Reply 11:55 AM
Pocket Bread Basket Cozy Tutorial

Supplies needed:

fabric that is printed on both sides

contrast or matching thread

binding (store bought or handmade)

plastic/metal snaps

basic sewing supplies
You will need a circle. I just went into my kitchen cupboard and grabbed a plate. It was 11 and 1/2" in diameter.
Cut out three circles and sew your binding on each one.
Take a fabric marker or pencil and make an X on one circle. Then take another circle and line/pin them up together. Take this to your sewing machine and sew the X with contrast or matching thread. (your sewing both pieces together) Then go back with your marker/pencil and draw a line across the X then sew on that line.
Now take your last circle and place that under the two sewn circles. Look at your circles. See how they look like a pie sectioned off? You will need 6 pins. Lift up the first circle. You need to pin the 2 bottom layers together. So make sure you don't pin the top layer/circle.
Pin each section/pie slice in the center of the section/pie slice. Then go to your sewing machine and sew these sections you pinned together. You will only need to sew about 3" down.
This is the bottom after I sewed those six parts.
Last you just need to take 2 snaps (4 pieces) and sew them opposite of each other. SO when they meet they snap. When you snap one close the other will snap close over or under the first snap. Its your choice. Makes no difference.
And your done. I told you this one was easy. I love it. Perfect for gifting. You could make one up in no time and then offer it to someone who just had a baby and fill it up with goodies. Or food. Maybe someone new moved in your area? Maybe a gift for the Holidays?

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