Thrifted Vintage Pyrex Friday

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I found this sheer vintage black scalloped apron.
I found this large vintage Pyrex bowl Its yellow with black. This is the Gooseberry pattern.
Found this large square flowers pattern, "Verde" Pyrex bowl.
Also in the Gooseberry pattern I found a medium size bowl. This vintage Pyrex bowl is white with black print.
This $2.00 wood shelf is getting a makeover and then going above my sewing area. It already has hangers on the back. It just needs to be updated! I think my baby jars will fit in there.
These do not look very big, but trust me they are. They are a very nice size and vintage and made really well. Not thin little ones (like they make now) You can see how thick the wood is. I paid 25 cents for them. I am going to use them for crafting and prolly decor.
I found 2 of these. They are like brand new. No really like never used just folded and forgotten. They are so adorable.
2 Vintage yellow pillowcases. I hardly find just all yellow or green or blue. I hope to find more solids with pattern.
Ask and you shall receive. Oh my! Remember I just posted a pillowcase just like this? (scroll down a bit you can't miss it) I found another one. Now I have 2. I love it when a set comes complete thrifted. Its so hard to do and you have to be really patient.
Oh this pillowcase is a little worn but still has enough life in it to craft with. I just love the mod floral ones.
This vintage set will be going on Etsy. Its really pretty.


LOVE your dolls - I just made a cat from one of your patterns this morning - oh it was fun!!

I just wanted to stop by and say hello!


Wow I love that vintage bowl and as a kid in the 70's I think I had that one pillow case with the flowers on it! Everytime I see a pyrex bowl at a thrift store now I think of you! lol Great finds!

I love the pyrex black and white/creme bowl. I have a collection too. I'll have to share them and send you a photo

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haha Jill. Jess I am so happy you had fun! I want to see that Black Pyrex A!

All of the fabric patterns remind me of my grandmother's bedroom set. Lovely find.

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