Aqua Crochet Scarf Necklace

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I have no clue how to crochet. I do however know how to cast off and chain stitch. I am learning but its a slow process since I am doing this by myself from tutorials I find online. My sister-in-law knows some. She has taught me some. I need more. I want more. I see how fast those ladies go on youtube and it looks just amazing to me. Like they are magically transforming boring string into fabulous creations. I just need to have some of that magic slip in my hands. I have made some squares and that is about it. Now I can add necklace scarf to my crochet resume.
I made two poms and put them on each end of the necklace scarf.
I think when I am not wearing a printed outfit I feel a little plain. So I wanted to create something that would jazz me up a bit. Something whimsy and fun. I have seen a few adorable scarf necklaces on Etsy and locally this year at a craft show. I really liked how they looked when worn. I used felted wool on the inside petals and non felted wool for the back petals. I did this to keep from feeling the itchy wool on my neck. Then I just used a vintage blue button in the middle. Cause I just LOVE my vintage buttons. I am going to play with this a bit. It was very fun and easy and hello ADORABLE!
Updated with one more photo. These are just too much fun.
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