Thrifty finds of December

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I have been keeping all my vintage finds to myself lately and not showing them off to you. Naughty me. I have found a couple of yummy items this past month. I found this Vintage 1950? quilted robe. Its aqua and so pretty. I paid $4.00 for this. Its so yummy. Its a size 16 which in 1950's that was considered a today's 7? It fits me perfectly. I feel pretty ellegant wearing this. There was satin aqua covers on the white buttons but they fell off in my hand as I was waiting to pay for this item. I could put them back on but rather not.
Vintage Aqua Vera Napkins. There was only 3 of them. Slight minor stains but still lots of pretty left. I am thinking this will be apart of a project I am working on for myself. You know I was smiling when I saw these.
Mr. Bumble Bee came over for a visit as I was taking closeups. Maybe he thought the lady bug was gonna give him a look?
I found this vintage 1960's jewelry box. Its lined with red velvet. This is in really great shape. The key is even there. I have been looking all over for one of these. I paid $4.00 for this. I know what a great deal. I am going to be using this for my craft show displays.
You can buy Vera at Macys and other stores. Did you know the company is up and running again? Well it is. I only recently found this out. I am very excited actually about it. You can do some reading here to find out about how this all happened. I am still going to collect Vera. Old and new. I found these two place mats at Macys. They were in the clearance section. I paid 6 dollars for them. I am going to make them into a purse. The lady at the register thought that was a very good idea. She then proceeded to the back table to find herself some to do the same. Little did she know I took the last of the cherry print. hehe
I found two vintage scarves. Oh I have this amazing growing collection.
I found oodles of vintage patterns and most of them in my size. I really wish I could find some decent fabric around here to sew clothing.
Vintage peacock placemats. 4 of them. Peacocks are really hot in Mod decor this year and I am sure will be next year as well. I am going to list these in my Etsy shoppe. I am sure someone will like them and use them.
I found another jar. (just like the one in my banner) Woot, a set I have now.
I finally found all the pieces for the jello mold. I have one like this already just not all the pieces and well now I have a few extras to play with. I also found some small cups and dessert cups all with lids. I just love vintage Tupperware. They are really a good quality product that lasts.


Gorgeous finds! I especially love the placemats and napkins!

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