Happy New Year!

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Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010.
And just like that, the Holidays are over. Wow! This Holiday season just passed me by so fast. There is always so much I want to do and so little time to do it. I feel great about 2009. It was a good year for me. Life is what you make of it. I do not focus on the negative (even tho it can really work a nerve in my OCD self.) I have been learning to see the good in everything and if I don't understand it now, I know later I will. Sure there was some teeth pulling this year. (literally) Someone stole my outside orange kitty. He was not mine to begin with. He was a stray but his brother is here with me and I adopted him. The house we are currently renting is going into foreclosure and we have less than a year to move. I have lived on this wonderful block for over 6 years. One of my closest friends had cancer return after being cancer free for many MANY years. Oh gosh I am sounding a little down here. There is plenty of good to out weigh the bad. I was in Create Decorate Magazine. I learned how to sew Barbie clothing. I did 2 Indie craft shows. I went to Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA and visited with all my prim sisters and shopped and talked and laughed and hugged. I found wonderful thrifted items all through 2009. I have 3 cats instead of 2. I did not bite my nails all year. 1 full year of no nail biting? You have NO idea how hard yet easy it was. I found my baby sister on Facebook. Missing after 13 years. We have been in touch ever since. Phone calls, emails, facebooking and snail mail. My family is healthy and happy. I have lots to be thankful for. I am hoping 2010 with be more amazing than 2009.

I have 2 new Barbies to add to my collection. Over the weekend Hubby and I had to venture to Walmart to buy car things, like wiper blades and a bulb for my back break light WHICH no one bothered to tell me it was out and who knows how long for and isnt it annoying to be driving behind someone who has only one break light working? I guess one is better than NONE. Yikes. So while he was busy shopping in the car dept. I skipped over to the Barbie section in the toy dept. When I got half way down the isle I saw lots of clearance signs and stickers on reproduction Barbie dolls and non reproduction ones. Lots of clapping was going on and then I realized it was me. I am not a fan of 1971 Malibu Barbie. (She is so tan she glows) But I do like somethings about her. Like her clothing she came with. Too cute. Her long straight blonde hair. She is wearing blue eyeshadow. She has cute sunglasses. She will model my 1970's Barbie fashion wares just fine and look the part. I really liked her $19.00 price tag the most. I passed her up at full price. I passed her up at $25.00 but $19? I could not pass her up. Just the outfit alone was worth it. I also found (and did some light screaming/cheering) a 1965 My Favorite Career, School Teacher. Isn't she wonderful? I got her for $19.00 as well. I KNOW! She was marked wrong. She actually wrung up 44.99 but had a clearance sticker on her. They let me have her for $19.00 and the guy in the toy dept had some price fixing to do. They marked some of the new dolls on sale by accident. See what happens when someone does not follow the latest Barbie release? haha She was released in December 2009 but not on any shelf (here in South Florida) until January 2010. There are a few new ones you need to keep a look out for. There is the Nurse. There is the astronaut. There is Swirl ponytail Barbie. I want that swirl ponytail Barbie. There is also a Stewardess. I am falling in love with her more each time I see her. She may be on my Santa list this year.


I remember those barbies! I used to love collecting them also. Very nice. Happy New Year!


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