Thrifty Finds of Friday

anniescupboards Reply 10:26 AM
I found these two large vintage tin trays. They have mod 1960's prints on them. There is no marking on the back of them. There is .88 stamped in black on the back but I am thinking they may have been the price tag? They are very large.
I found another Aladdin Thermos. I have no idea why I like them so much but I do. I adore them and now I have 3. This is a large one. The others I found could fit in a lunch box.
Neighbor kitty looking for pet pet.
I found a vintage Barbie pattern. Yipee! I was excited to find this. I have been researching patterns all week and to find a vintage one locally. All the pieces are there and were cut but saved and kept in order. Its a Simplicity 8281 barbie clothing pattern. Its from the 70's. You could get Cher doll and make clothing for her too.
I found a WONDERFUL piece. Its a Celluloid Fan. Very vintage. I am not sure but this could be dated from early 1900's. I will have to do more research on them. Celluloid is my most favorite plastic to collect. I mean I go gaga for it. I think these are dyed ostrich feathers. Again I have to research more on them. I do know they are very collectible and they are expensive to purchase in an antique store.

I found two vintage scarves. The square pattern is a head scarf.
I found this adorable 1960's Mod apron. Its reversible and is just plain purple on the other side with this print on a pocket.
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