Vintage Sheet Thursday

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I found another vintage Aladin thermos! This one was brand new still with the sticker on it. I really love the mod print.
I found 2 pretty vintage scarves.
Vintage Star Wars Pillowcase that is going on my oldest son's bed.
Vintage Fieldcrest Mod floral sheets in black and bright colors. WOW! Very mod and so lovely they are still in their packages. These are going in my Etsy Shoppe. There is 2 fitted and 1 flat twin size. Maybe I should keep one and make something yummy from them?
I found this vintage umbrella. Its really cute. Very Vera like. But not Vera. I love the handle and the purple and yellow flowers.

I found this vintage bowl and plate set of Raggedy Ann and Andy. I do not collect Raggedy Ann and Andy anything. I do like her. I make dolls after her. But I am not into collecting her. Yet this set called me cause its from the 60's. But I am still not keeping it. This set will be in my Etsy shoppe.


that set may be more i had the RA&A set of dises as a child and i was born in 73. In fact, my mother still has the bowl i think in her cabinet!!! Great finds! i love the sheets!

Great vintage finds! My hubby collects old vintage star wars items and has done so since he was a child...that Star Wars pillowcase is a nice find! I found some vintage Care Bears fabric during the weekend and since the grandbabies nursery is in carebears, I am going to make some window toppers and a new boppy pillow cover out of them for her.

I thin South Florida is the mega place for 60's ware. I love finding it. Its not often but it happens. Yipee!

I left you 2 awards on my blog!
Have fun!

Fantastic finds! My eldest would LOVE that Star Wars pillowcase and the vintage sheets and flask are gorgeous too

how much did you get the star wars pillow cases for?

i am selling 2 and mighty mouse and superman ones haha and some other rare stuff.. sorry if i am spaming your site.. just need extra cash sorry

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