Mudcakes & Cupcakes Raggedy Ann DoLL

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2 new dolls made. I am so excited about these two creations. I was only going to make one but then I thought some mudcakes were so fitting. Mudcakes are way more prim than cupcakes. But cupcakes are way more yummy than mudcakes. I am writing out a pattern for them tonight. It will be available in pdf or hard copy format.

Are you a cupcakes or mudcakes fan? hehe Me? Cupcakes are so yummy. But I love playing in mud.

I painted a Mod Forest

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I painted this. I know. Me. Yes. I did. Not bad for someone who does not paint huh? I entered a contest and well I didn't win. But it's OK, I have this great sign I am going to display in my sewing corner. hehe

Old Spice Rack Repurposed Makeover

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I found this old spice rack at the thrift store yesterday. I started giving it a makeover/repurpose as soon as I got home. I just spray painted it really bright red. This is my 3rd time playing with spray paint. I know now that if you spray too close you get some drippy marks that dry drippy. But its ok. You really cant see the drips right away and they are hidden in areas that were a bit of a pain to spray. I had a bunch of baby food jars my friend gave to me a while back. I used a variety of them and spray painted each lid to match the knobs. Aqua, oh yes. I am thinking I will add a little something more to it. Just not sure what. I have a few ideas. In this space I used to have this big long vintage oven tray. I really love that oven tray. Its green enamel and vintage. I will just have to use it in my bedroom now. I am sure I will find a use for it. Now I have all this extra space in my sewing area and I love that.

Thrift Store Find Friday

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So yesterday set my mind curious with what else I could find at the other thrift stores I know of around here. There is film in that Polaroid camera and the batteries are still in there and working. We shall see what happens. hehe. I paid 25 cents for each of those Pyrex mugs. Not my color but someone at my craft show might like them. That adorable pink and aqua sewing machine if from 1986. The box and the instructions and everything needed is all there. The backing to cover up where the batteries go in, yes its there. This sewing machine sews yarn. How cool is that. It only sews it to paper tho. I am going to use this to display really not play. How fun it will be to try something. I should scan those sewing cards they came with. I am going to remake that white shelf. I can't wait to explore all those buttons. My goodness. Ya know each bag was 2 bucks and they are all from 1960's and older. I have a few things I haven't listed that I shall be listing on Etsy. I will post more photos when I list them. I had $20.00 to spend. I brought home $1.00. Yipee for Vintage Shopping Friday!

Dingy to Darling

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I finished the make over. I spray painted this candle holder aqua yummy. Its now needing a red candle. I will place this over my sewing machine table on the wall. I am trying to fix up my little sewing corner.

Thrift Store Find Thursday

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I was not planning on going to the thrift store today. Yet, there I was. I was running a few errands this morning and I was in front of a thrift store. I could not pass up the chance to peek in. I found 2 great items. I found a mint condition egg carrier/holder from Tupperware. It look as if no one ever used it. Perfect timing seeing how Easter is around the corner. I also found this wall candle holder in need of a make over. I will show it to you later today to see if you like what I have done to it. $3.48 total spent. Not to bad.

Craft Girl Dance Video

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Oh my this is horrid funny.

BUNNY love

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Away from here

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I have been away from here. But you did know cause I left with out saying a word. Hubby and I escaped for the weekend by ourselves and it was very fun. You need fresh new scenery every now and then. Could be anything, just do it. Escape the norm and make some memories!

I have been busy making prizes for the Primmart Convention. The date is getting close. Soon May will be here and the count down of days will begin for me. I just can't wait to see all my friends old and new. I have already taken photos of the goodies I made and will share them with you after May. I know. ugh. I am currently making some Fig Newton Girls. I am getting ready to stuff my brains silly this afternoon. I am going to watch a bunch of old flicks and work on my upper body strength. Stuffing is always good for the muscles. Ok, the way I stuff is. I am still working out btw. Can you believe that? I am really excited that I have lost poof on my belly. Yet there is still more toning to do. My Hubby never has to worry about toning. I look at a bagel I gain 5lbs in my thighs. Cardio I really don't mind doing. Weight lifting. I totally love it. Lunges and squats, TOTALLY HATE! Yet I love the results. All this just to not have to buy clothes and stay healthy. Cause I am thrifty yet adore life. XOXO

Keiko The Bear Free Felt Softie Pattern

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I made a new free pattern for you all. He is just in time for Spring. He is really easy to make. You can make him from wool felt or crafting felt. Wool felt is stronger and recommended. I did use crafting felt for the facial features. Crafting felt is made from recycled products (usually plastic bottles) and wool felt is made from wool. Both are in the go-green family so don't shy away from crafting felt. There are many uses for them both. The pattern is here and its in PDF format. I am really hooked on Japanese crafting at the moment. So of course I gave my bear a Japanese name. Keiko the Bear.

You can make Keiko and sell him where ever you please. Craft shows, online shoppes, websites and auctions. Just please please please, tell them where you got the pattern from....ME! XOXO

Vintage Wrap-Dress Pattern, 1952

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Vintage Dress Pattern, 1968

anniescupboards Reply 8:43 AM

Vintage Dress Pattern, 1968
Originally uploaded by Woof Nanny

Vintage Wrap Dress Pattern, 1969

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Vintage Wrap Dress Pattern, 1969
Originally uploaded by Woof Nanny

I am currently looking for a vintage wrap dress pattern. I simply adore the wrap clothing. I like the shorts the skirts and the dresses. I used to have some ages ago. I don't know what I did with them.

Gifted- Vintage Mod Clothing Patterns

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Oh my look at these awesome Mod vintage patterns. I was gifted them from my friend Shirley. She totally surprised. She told me they were from her Gramma. I feel so honored to have been given them. I will take care of them and use them often. I am just excited about them. I can't wait to make some clothing now. There are some 80's outfits in there too. I adore dressing up and making clothing that come from Eras of the past. I am completely a retro fool. I can mix and match the patterns. Gosh where to begin? Thank you Shirley. Goodness. THANK YOU ever so much! XOXO

Publix Grocery Store's Funky shopping tote

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Do you have a Publix Grocery store? I do. They are all over the state of Florida. I adore shopping there. They now carry these and a bright green with the same pattern shopping totes. Only .99 cents. Yipee! You know they are getting rid of supplying the customer with bags? Yes, they are. Finally someone is speaking up for Mother Earth. So go get your funky bags!

Primitive Spring Rabbits, Andy and Ann dolls

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Oh My I have just sprung into spring. I am just LOVING my Andys and my Bunnies. They are just so adorable and huggable. Yipee for spring. I just love love spring. Ok I know I am rushing it. But you should see how pretty its been here lately. Flowers are blooming and I have already been running from bees in the yard. I am listing these dolls on my website and Ebay. Please know the bunny rabbit in purple never made it to the show room floor. And ummmm Neither has this guy.
They are on their way to Illinois as you read this.

Vintage aqua bead ribbon bracelet tutorial

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I made this really fast quick bracelet. I found these aqua glass beads last year when I visited Savannah, Ga. I had this great idea while staring at them today.

Take some ribbon and measure your wrist.
Sew Velcro on each side.
Sew beads in any fashion you desire.

Done. Fun bracelet made in 10 min. Enjoy.

Cute Cake plate found!

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I am going to change this plate into a cake stand. I just need to find a cute bottom. I will keep you updated on this project. I could not pass up this plate for $2.00. It screamed at me as I walked by....TAKE me home and make me into something. So I did and I am.
I then found this for $6.00. This is the base.
Look at those scallops. YUMMY!
I really adore this cake plate. From head to toe its a beauty. Its a really small cake plate. The blue plate above is bigger than this. This is for a very small cake. I am not going to use it for cakes tho. I am using it for craft displays. I now officially have 2 cake stands and one being made. So I am off to a nice collection of cake stands.
I found this and melted in the isle. I am going to make this into an apron. Its a hand towel.
Pot holder to match.
I bought a loom kit. Well...its a "toy" loom kit. But all the parts are sturdy and there and I been looking for a loom. You would think craft stores would carry these things? If my hubby had tools I could prolly have made my own. But he is into Electronics and not saws. I remember looming as a kid. I am sure I will pick it up fast. I have plans for this. I am not just going to loom scarves. Oh no. We have belts and headbands and some bracelets and anklets to make. Oh yes.
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