5 Raggedy Ann dolls freshly made by these hands

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I have just finished the last of the dolls I have been working on all week. Now I have to start all over again. I love it! The first two dolls are larger than the dolls below. They are taller and I have weighted them to keep them from falling over once you give them a place to sit. I just adore the one with the red floral feed sack dress. That is real vintage feed sack fabric. I found it vintage shopping one day. I found a few yards of it. I hope it lasts forever. haha. The second dolly is also wearing vintage feed sack. That I am afraid to say I don't have much left of. (darn) I adore finding vintage fabric to put on my dolls. I hope to find more soon.

Thank you all for your amazing emails about my dolls. I am sitting here smiling ear to ear knowing my dolls, my work is loved. Thank you so much. My dolls are finding homes all over the world. I am just so thankful for all of you! XOXO

4 Primitive Raggedies in my Etsy Shoppe

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I have already listed them in my Etsy shoppe. Now to continue my doll making. I am going to bed soon but I hope my hands keep working so I get ahead of myself.

Oh I wish. HAHA! XOXO

4 Red head Raggedies in my Etsy Shoppe

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At some point and time today, I shall list these cute dollys on Etsy. You know I am running a sale over there right? All month long April and May I shall be listing $15.00 dolls on Etsy. I have more coming after this batch. I am a doll factory this week. haha!

Handmade Raggedies in the Etsy Shoppe

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I just listed these cuties on Etsy. For $15.00! Yes.

Service for Pyrex Trade

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Vintage Complete Fridge Set. Check those colors. I traded my services for these. Hey hey now. This aint that kinda blog. HAHA! My crafting services. My friend needed 4 chairs recovered. She is selling her dining room set in a garage sale and thought she could prolly get what she wanted in asking price if they were recovered. Trust me they needed it. SO for $8.00 worth of fabric and 10 min of labor I got these in exchange. These were hers growing up. That makes them so much more special. There is minor fading in some areas. Its ok. Also there is a crack in one of the small lids. No biggie. I have Pyrex dishes with no lids. When I go on a lid hunt I will just take my list of needs. I am going to have to move my vintage Pyrex to a new cupboard or move them to the buffet. They are my good china don't ya know?

Getting in shape is finally paying off.

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I am still working out since Dec. 2008. I slipped off the cardio train for a few months in 2008 and I am back on it. I am one who needs to work out every day. I can't eat what I please in large amounts. I have to have a serving size. Otherwise I gain lbs fast. If I rest I rust. I feel aches and pains. I get lower back pains and I feel tired. When I work out I am roaring and ready to go. I am on fire. I totally like how that feels. Its just having to DO the cardio to get that feeling. But it also get another feeling stirred. The OMG look at those sexy curves coming out. I used to weight almost 200 lbs. YES in my 20's. I am now in my 30's and I have kept my weight at 130. I went to a personal trainer 2 years ago to learn how to stay fit. I can tell you that is the best investment for someone who wants to know how to take care of ones self. I now know how to keep my body in tip top shape. I know what to eat and what moves to do. Everyone is different and has a different body. You just have to investigate what yours is doing and then work on it. I love weight training. Its more personal training for your body parts. If you use 5, 8 or 10 lbs you can make your muscles shine too. Just do it. Remember you will loose inches before you loose weight. Don't focus on a number. EVEN THO WE DO. DON'T! Its the inches that let you slip into them smaller jeans.

Eat healthy real food. (no boxed food, no processed food, no fast food)
Portion Control your meals and snacks.
Cardio 5 days a week 30 min a day.
Weight training 3 to 5 days a week.

YOU TOO can loose inches and get in shape. Just let the time go by. DONT COUNT. Just change what your doing now and wait and see. But you have to DO and stick to it. Dont use a scale use a tape measure.

"Lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. If you don't do anything to replace the muscle loss, it'll be replaced with fat. But weight training can help you reverse the trend — at any age. As your muscle mass increases, you'll be able to work harder and longer before you get tired. You'll maintain joint flexibility, increase bone density and better manage your weight. Get started today!" (from the Mayo clinic)

Want to know what weight training you could do? Try this site here!

You will loose weight faster by doing cardio and weight training. TRUE FACT! You just have to DO IT! And YES you can. At any age too.

Change Purse that is a PURSE

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Burlington Coat Factory has these for $15.00. I could not even make one or buy the supplies for that cheap. Its way adorable and whimsy. I almost let it get away.

Joann Fabrics has Mod Forest Fabric

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Its also on sale this week. Yipee! I have never seen this fabric/print in Joann Fabrics. Until that is....this week. Go and pick some up.

Vintage Bingo Cards, ideas?

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What are you doing with your vintage bingo cards?

I went vintage shopping Saturday.

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I went thrifting on Saturday. My son had a costume party to attend and it was 80's night. So off we went. Yet when we got there I seem to just go off on my own and my son was left fending for himself. We actually went to 3 stores. By the third one my son was hooked. He fell in love with thrifting. He fell in love with vintage items. He now sees my love for vintage. He purchased himself a few goodies too. He is now on the hunt for his own Polaroid camera. I had to school him in what to look for and what type to get. It easier to purchase a vintage camera that takes 600 speed film. You will find that most for sale on Ebay. You wont find any film for sale on a store shelf. They no longer carry or make film. So if you see ANY kind of film for a Polaroid camera, BUY IT! Don't even think of hesitating. You will make your money back and then some. Trust me. Unless they are like crazy insane priced. Oh and sometimes the vintage camera's will have leftover film in some of them. I got luck and found 2 like that.

Oh I purchased 2 medium sized boxes FULL of used bingo cards. I am going to keep very little and sell the rest on Etsy. You will find them listed in my shoppe later today. I managed to squeeze 28 in a flat rate priority envelope.

My Free Doll Pattern made by D.Lynn

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The above doll was made by D.Lynn She totally took my doll pattern away from prim. I love it. I love it when someone steps outside the box. It feels good to know that I sparked creativity. Yahooo! (sorry I stole your photo Denise, I had too. I just had to share, she is adorable. Bravo!)

Happy Easter!

anniescupboards Reply 7:43 AM
Have a wonderful Easter.

God Bless! XOXO

Olivia F. Lowers

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Say hello to Miss Olivia F. Lowers. I am having a bit of fun with dolls names this spring. I just can't help myself. hehe She is currently waiting for me to list her. I am making her into a pattern too. Gosh I cant wait to show you the next one. XOXO

Miss B. Pollen

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This is Miss B. Pollen. She is a my newest doll creation. I am writing her pattern out and that should be ready soon. I think she is just adorable. Spring is here and the mornings are wonderful here. I just had to capture her in morning light. This was taken about 8:30 am today.

I made a fabric handbag

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I made this handbag. I have been wanting to make this bag for a bit now. Can I tell you it took me all of 2 hours. Why was I putting it off for so long? I guess I will be making handbags all weekend. I am completely hooked at the moment and my OCD will sure get its fill. This handbag is for sale. Along with the others I shall be making. I will be listing it on Etsy soon. Its Orange and aqua. Perfect to get you ready for Spring and Summer. This is my own pattern. I am tweaking the pattern for a few different styles yet the same. I know its really early but these would make perfect Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts. I personally know that a purse is a well liked gift for a gals birthday. In fact, one of my friends squealed in excitement after receiving one from me. Of course in her favorite colors. I should make this purse into a pattern. What do you think? Is there room out there for another purse pattern?

Vintage & Fabric Finds of the week

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I found some goodies this week. Ok so lets start from the top. I found this vintage Corelle Counter Saver. I am not sure which pattern this is. I do adore it. It brings happy smiles when I enter that beige kitchen. Thrifted find - $1.99. I then found that adorable sewing basket. It looks like one of my favorite vintage plastic flower button. Once I picked it up and felt it, I knew it, it was Cellioud. Yipee! Antqiue find- $11.00. And the last thrifted find was this very bright orange plastic lid container. I am not sure from what collection this came from but I adore it. Its in my kitchen now waiting for a purpose. Trifted-.99 cents. I purchased a couple of fat quarters from Joann fabrics the other day and then I found out Walmart (in my area) is selling similar fat quarters for the same price as Joann's. Interesting. Joann's usually goes on sale for .99 cent. Walmart never has a sale.

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO
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