Thrifty Finds of Friday

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Vintage aqua floral apron. This was handmade. Adorable rickrack trim makes it so perfect.
One vintage flower power pillowcase.
2 vintage floral pillowcases.
1 vintage aqua yummy pillowcase. I hope to find another. I really love aqua and purple and green at the moment on my bed.
2 Vintage shabby pillowcases.
Full set of Pyrex coffee mugs with creamer and sugar bowl.
2 Pyrex dishes. One yellow and pea green. I finally found some Pyrex worth taking home. I have this yellow bowl already. Now I have 2.
Vintage Tupperware found! Yellow Orange floral and a set of Tupperware salad dressing containers. Yes the lids included.

I found this small pink colander. I am thinking of using this as display for Valentines.


Hi Sherry! I love that you have patterns that are's so generous!

The sheets caught my eye...I work in a thrift store...can you imagine how crazy that makes me??

Do you do anything with the sheets besides reselling?


Hi Lisa! Oh my stars. I would go crazy to work in a thrift store. I dont think I would even bring home a pay check. Just to think of it makes me SMILE!!! I do use the sheets for crafting and I also use them on my bed. I have made aprons, flower hair clips, bags, purses even belts. Bed linens are an amazing source for crafting.

I always love coming to see your new finds....these are wonderful....blessings

All gorgeous, I LOVE finding vintage retro pyrex and tupperware, such a smug feeling knowing how much the new stuff costs :-)

I totally agree about feeling smug when finding Pyrex and Tupperware while thrifting. I just do a little dance in my head and sometimes in person.

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