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I purchased this vintage Fire King teacup set in my travels last year from Lancaster, PA. I have been using it to store my accessories in. I love to repurpose items. I have a vintage Pyrex dish behind this one and it holds my hair clips and rubber bands.
I found these two pieces while thrifting on Friday night. Yes Friday night. Who goes thrifting on a Friday night? ME! Hubby took me out to dinner. We went to a Mexican/Spanish restaurant. My favorite. I just love carnitas with corn tortillas. Its kinda like fajitas. They serve them the same way cept your plate is not sizzling when it comes to you. Its a pork dish. It was so yummy and me thinking of it now is making me hungry for it. I found these 2 milk glass goodies at Goodwill. Yes they are open late on a Friday night. Check your areas and see what time your stores close. This certain location does not open early in the morning so they make it up by staying open till 9pm. This set is going to hold all my misc. goodies I have running around. Like those extra buttons that come with that new shirt you just bought. Or maybe the buttons that fell off. Safety pins, hair pins etc. Hubby complains about going thrifting yet he is always the last one looking through things in there and comes running to me with something vintage he found. (a few times) So he puts up a big fake front like he rather stay in the car but he never does. I am on to you man. I am. Its our secret. I won't tell your friends. Just mine. (buhahaha)
I am making myself Valentines! This is something I never do. Usually I am making dolls for Valentines Day. This year, I have new things to create and I am keeping some for myself. Do you ever create things for you? You should. I picked up a used wood picture frame in the thrift store. I took it home and painted it pink. I like to use spray paint when painting frames. Its fast, easy and you have so many colors to choose from. You do have to spray the frame a few times but it dries really fast. I have a few more I am making. I am making some for my craft show that I am attending as a vendor in March. I just love a fun project. It's not really work. More like play.

I just finished watching Battlestar Gallatica. The series. All of them. Season 1 - 4.5. Hubby watched it with me. Then my oldest son came in for the last few seasons. We were all hooked. It was an amazing drama filled sci-fi infested show. I love Sci-Fi movies/shows. I am going to go back and watch a few of my favorite scenes. I am the biggest Sci-Fi geek you will prolly ever meet. I watched Stargate (all of it) Stargate Altantis (all of it a few times) Dr. Who. Oh I could go on and on. I did not get to see Razor or The Plan so I have 2 more Battlestar goodies to dive into. Yes I am watching Caprica. Its not as fun as Battlestar. I just love the space scenes and fights. Caprica is a little more drama. Not enough action. I know I am so not a girly girl when it comes to tv/movies. Its ok. I make up for it in other ways. I won't excuse myself.

Best Fracking Tv Show EVER!


I love your teacups,are very nice...and I like that your favorite restaurant is Mexican/Spanish ;-)

Regards and happy valentine!!

Dear Annie,
I've been following your blog for a while but I just had to write when I saw your adorable silhouettes and milk glass. I'm a BSG fan, too. I was so sad when they ended the series. Hope you had a wonderful red-and-white Valentine's day.

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