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I found some really cute crochet/knitted doily(s). I found 4 red ones. I am going to use them in a project. I am just not sure which one yet. I have 2 yummy ideas. I am sure I will be showing them off at some point. I found 2 White swans. They are just adorable. They have red beaks but seeing how I displayed them on red you can't make them out right away. Things like this make me want to learn more in knitting/crochet.

I found 4 Pyrex mugs. Its been a while since I found any Pyrex worthy of taking home. Lots have been seen. Just far to damaged for me or not a worthy pattern or color. I know picky me.
I found a fabric basket! This is the first time I found one of these while thrifting. I noticed they put the snaps on different than I did and this one still looks the same. Weird. If you want to make one of your own they are really easy to do and I have a tutorial on how to.
I found 2 matching soft as soft can be vintage pillowcases.
I found a vintage Star Wars flat bed sheet! Its really bright and clean. Paid 2.99 for it. Now my son has a matching set. I found the pillowcase not to long ago. I found it at the same place I found the pillowcase. Which made me wonder if the set was donated and just parts of it are floating around until they finish the pile that was donated? I also wondered how come all the sheets/clothing/towels etc are never wrinkled? Are they ironing them in the back? Seriously I have yet to find a wrinkled item in that store. I really would love to go in the back room and take a peek and see what goes on there.
I found this bright and colorful floral Mod Sheet. This will prolly be going into my Etsy shoppe. I have several things to list there and need to get that done. That is a goal for today. Lets see how much work gets done with a new Barbie in the house? I know its Monday but I am still feeling the weekend.


Your "fabric basket " is a fancy hot roll holder. You place it in a basket and then put your fresh, from the oven, rolls in each little pocket. It is a nice way to serve your guests.

Hey there Annie! I'm loving your blog and all your gorgeous thrifty finds. I can't get enough thrifting into my life, it's just so much fun isn't it? Your blog is lovely and I'll be back again to visit xo

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