Vintage Pyrex Bowls

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I just love some good Pyrex finds. This is the Horizon Blue pattern. After researching the pattern on Pyrex Love I found out this set was $3.95 originally. I paid more than that. There was 2 dark rings around the rims of 2 of the bowls. I was able to get rid of the rings by soaking them in hot hot soap water. I then took soap and a toothpick and more soap and started scrubbing. I did not damage them and was able to get the (grease?) marks off. These look more aqua in person than blue. Deep aqua. Inside was totally clean. Sparkling even.
I found this vintage handmade apron. I just adore the colors and print.
Of course I would. I paid $2 for this. I would have paid more. Shhhh!
I found a whole batch of vintage Tupperware. I paid $5.00 for them all. I have no more room for any more bowls in my cabinets. I have resorted to putting them in my pantry which is actually my buffet table. I will need to get a cabinet soon. I have been looking for the right one.
Pyrex mugs.
This is not Pyrex or Fire King or Anchor Hocking. There is no name. I have another one of these. That too is not marked. Yet it looks just like them.
I know I just found 4 of these. I found 4 more. What can I do pass them up for 30 cents? I didn't think so. I can not explain the Pyrex love I have.
I found these set of 6 Leonora plastic plates. They are from 1960's. They are made from the company Prolon in Florence, Mass.
Vintage Fabric Hard Suitcase.

I have been seeing these plates all over. I found this platter and said hey for 49 cents, I will take you home.


I love the set of pyrex bowls, and the apron. Great finds.

What cool bowls... you've inspired me to hunt out some pyrex!!

Pyrex bowls are my kind of stuff. I find them very nice and sturdy.

I adore Pyrex! I find the older style and prints are just too fabulous.

I love vintage Pyrex bowls too - I dunno why!
Now I kick myself in the patootie for NOT buying a bowl exactly like the solid aqua one you have. I was amazed that at a goodwill store they wanted 23.99 for it - I think thats why I bit my lip and thought - I'll give it some thought - big mistake HUGE! :(
Looks like you got some great finds! You go girl!
ps- thank you for the link to Pyrex Love - I have a couple of Pyrex bowls and will look them up!

I had to come back!
to HUG ya and say "Thank YOU" so much!!
I now know the patterns of 2 Pyrex bowls.
I have a few of the "Friendship" mixing bowls and always loved the reds and oranges in the pattern. I'm hoping to bid on a couple more to complete the set as well as extras! I LOVE IT!!!
I also have 1 dual handle "Daisy" and love the butternut/golden color on that as well.
I can't thank you enough!
You Rock! I love my bowls even more now! :)

You are so welcome! I love that site and use it for all my Pyrex research. I find Goodwill is so pricey for Pyrex. I too saw some really outragest prices in my local stores. I have a few locations so not all of them care to up the price. But when that one has the one you want. Sometimes its worth the price. You can always ask to see the manager and ask him/her for the best deal. Cant hurt to ask right? I paid 14.99 for that set i just found. I found it at a regular thrift store not GW. Always look them over carefully when they are a bit marked up. You can at least justify the price if its mint. Also try flea markets. They have goodies you cant beleive. And they for sure will let you haggle price.

Hi, Sherry I have been meaning to comment to you for a long time now! One day I was cleaning up my diningroom area where I keep my raggedy prim dolls. I just have a few but I have one that has a cherry dress (as I love cherries!) and I realized it is one of your dolls I bid on e-bay! a long time ago!! You have the pattern on your free patterns! I have been checking out your blog for awhile now! I finally have a blog now! I have started to make rag dolls now and I call them my Raggedy Fran dolls! I have a few rabbit style ones too! I was just afraid to try! LOL You know what I love about you is that you are not afraid to try something different and you usually just go for it! and it turns out so awesome! That last plate in your blog picture, I for some reason buy them too! In many different sizes and patterns! Yellows and browns, oranges and red and vintage are my favorites! You are just so cute and a rock star! Hope ya have a great week! Take care XO Fran.

Oh Fran you have me beaming with Pride and my eyes are watering. XOXOXOX

They're all FAB!! Love the aqua pyrex and the white bowls with the green patterns look like Glasbake to me?

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