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I am still sewing. I have finished all the brooches/hair clips. This is how I am going to display them at the craft show. I had a few other ideas in mind but those were taking up half the table. I need to display everything neatly as well as pretty.

I have to decide if I want booths or tables this year at my craft shows I am attending. Usually a table is good for me. Lately I have been into making larger items which requires a large space to show them off.

My Home School research for High School has ended. We have talked about all the avenues we could take. We decided to keep on homeschooling at home during High School and just hire tutors for the subjects we need help in. Like Math. Eww! I must tell you I know yards and inches and can add them but to figure out anything harder than a fraction? Eeek! Thankfully you can hire people to help you. So that is our plan. Take it day by day, lesson by lesson like we have been in Jr. High. My son will have more work and have to work alone more (which is nice for me) but I am sure oh so boring for him. I was sort of freaking out about this all. And it seemed I freaked out for nothing. I know I am giving him the best education he can have. I am teaching him all that I never learned or was lied to in school. (we don't come from monkeys/apes, FYI) I am schooling him on how to prepare for adult life. We are going to cover things that you would only get in real world learning. He will go to the office with my hubby and he will show him how to work in a business office. He will have to answer phones and file papers and work on the computer. I am trying to see if I know someone locally who can get him interested more in baking. He loves to bake. I want him to become a baker. Even if he just likes to do it for fun, I told him that it could be a fun job. Job training is needed for High Schoolers. I am more comfy about my homeschooling than I was 3 years ago. Talk about a mess I was. Its funny how we as home schoolers compare ourselves to schools when really you should not. You should concentrate on your children and their needs. What works for some does not work for all. Everyone is different. I am meeting every need my sons has. I refuse to put myself under the bus again. I won't do it. I have spoken to other home schooling mama's and they all said they felt the same way and then realized, HEY, I am doing the very best for my child!


looks liek you've been busy! great job on the broche/hairclips


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