Happy Thrifty Vintage Friday

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2 Vintage Pillowcases. Very bright. I really love this print and color. So fun.
I found another of these sheets. This one is a twin fitted. This is going into the crafting pile.
One vintage pillowcase. I hope to find another. (I always do with the single pretties)
Vintage Aqua flat sheet for my craft table. I am tired of having white at the craft shows. I want to change it up a bit. Thankfully thrift stores are perfect for craft show displays.
I found of these Pyrex type but not Pyrex. Now I have a full set of 4. 2 of these have lids.
I found all these vintage dolls and some others for $1.99. My friend was helping me do some research and some of the dolls I have are these.
These two are my favorite.
I am going to push my contest over on Monday. I tried! I really did. Have a wonderful weekend!


I love the fabrics. Of course, I'm a fabric freak, but vintage sheets are one of my favorites. Love the Pyrex, too. I'm working on a nice collection of that as well.

Happy Weekend!

Great Finds!The dollies are my favorite!!We have no big thrift stores in South Africa, only salvation Army and some hospice charity shops! Totally jealous!!!
Happy hunting.
Sunny South African Greetings

I've been reading your blog for a while now but never commented for some reason :/ anyway I am now, I love the things you make, your vintage finds and your blog is marvellous. :D xx

What fun treasures you found! Isn't it funny how the things some people don't want anymore happen to be the best things we can find??

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