Let the contest begin!

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I am having a contest and giving away Mr. C. Brown as a prize!

Contest Rules:
I have handmade this doll. I am giving him away. (not selling) I am only offering one doll to one person. Only one entry is needed and only one will be counted. I will be mailing this doll to anyone in any country. (you just have to play) All is welcome to play. How do you enter? You need to just leave one post in the comment section (of this post only) I will assign each comment a number. So if your the first to comment your number one and so on. I will then use a number generator and let that choose the winner! If you do not have a blogger account you can still leave a comment. You will need to post in that comment your name or business name or nickname. I will announce the winner on my blog. You have to come here and see who won. You will need to contact me via email to give me your home address or where you would like me to send your prize. If you don't claim your prize within a week's time, I will go back and pick another number.
So you must come back.

How to enter?
Leave one comment on this post and tell me...
What is your most favorite thing to collect? What is the one item that you go crazy for?

My answer? Vintage PYREX! (you knew this, ha I am easy!)

Contest ends Friday (May 7th) at midnight and the winner will be posted Saturday (May 8th) Morning. You must come back to see if I picked you!

Happy Entry! Good Luck!


WOW! Am I the FIRST to comment :) YOOHOO
I love you C. Brown!
Hmmm now what do I go crazy for???
I would have to say fabric. I have stacks and stacks. I cant help myself, it's a sickness maybe :)
The your giveaway Sherry and Love You Girl!! :)

Ok I see I cant type this morning :(

"I love YOUR C. Brown"
LOVE your giveaway HEHE

Oh, Sherry I LOVE your Charlie Brown Dollie!!!
You have to know what my favorite thing to collect is...your dollies!! I have over 25 of them and counting!!
Big Hugs,

Wow Sherry, he is fantastic I adore all your dolls & have done quite a few of your patterns. My favorite thing to collect is vintage Ragdolls, they reming me of my childhood.

I've collected so many things over the years (bells, carousel horses, etc.) now I'm collecting white porcelain/china/pottery. Love that clean crisp white.

Love Mr C Brown, he's too cute!!

Have a God Filled Day

Oh, my son would LOVE him. He's a charlie brown snoopy guy. He still sleeps with his snoopy doll and he's 7. It's still cute :) well my favorite thing to collect lately is folk art dolls. I've got a weakness that and old furniture but I'm finding I need a bigger house for both ;) Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

Chuck!! Love him!

I collect baby dolls and Elvis dolls! :)

Good old fashioned teapots are my thing. I've got far too many but I love them all. I also love Mr C Brown and I'm sure he'd like to come and live in the UK with my teapots. Pam xx

Hello Sherry, I think your doll (dolls) are very cute. The minute I saw this doll I knew it was the great C B.
I love to collect almost anything..... I go in spirts, one day it's recipes and the next it's fabrics and crafting supplies. My momma was a great fabric collector so I guess that is where I get that from.
Shottons Handmades

Wow...you're really talented! He is so cute. Lovely blog!


I collect anything vintage for my kitchen...weighing scales, enamel ware, vintage denby...just about anything! I also collect fabric, but it's harder to find here, so not so much.
C B is very cute!

I guess I would have to say -- books! We have a wonderful children's library of beautiful books. I'm always looking for wonderful treasures for our kids. I adore the CB doll - too cute!!!! We hope to win :-)


My favorite thing to collect is stamps, and I've been doing so since 1983, age 9 (4th grade). It led me to a deep knowledge of history, and to major in political science and minor in history in college, and I can kick anyone's butt at Trivial Pursuit. I also collect Democratic political campaign buttons. My good friend of 20 years would love his doll; he is a Peanuts freak. Thanks for the contest, Sherry!

Oh, he's so cute. I had a stuffed snoopy dog as a child....I've started collecting wooden potato mashers...
Thanks for the chance!

aww he needs to come live with the brown's!!!!

Adorable blog ... and doll : ) I would have to say tea cups. They are useable, pretty and can be handed down to your kids. I love relaxing with a nice cup of tea in a fancy teacup. Makes the tea taste better too : )

Oh Sherry...what an adorable giveaway!!!

Hmm...I seem to collect so many different things but i would say hands down my FAV item to collect...FABRIC!!! I seem to just DROOL walking into a fabric store and find myself buying a piece of fabric just because it's pretty or special. I may not have a single use in mind for that piece of fabric but i just HAVE to have it. LOL

Love your Charlie Brown.
You are very talented, keep creating beautiful things.
To answer your question, I like many others who have left comments, collect fabric. Not sure though if it's collecting or a weakness, have to have it and never can part with it. Have more then I can ever use. :)

my "thing" is also vintage pyrex/corelle. i just completed my set of nesting bowls and it makes me happy to look at them. :)

the doll is beautiful!

yippeee! thanks so much for everyone playing. I am not counting my post since ITS ME! ha! I am loving reading all the things you collect. Things that make us go Oh Oh Oh Oh! i adore reading yours!

Would love to have Charlie!

I seem to collect anything that strikes me. I like vintage kitchen utensils right now! ooh, and for some reason I like old plates! I head for that area whenever I'm in a good will or salavation army. Good thing yard sales are starting here soon:) ! Great finds there too.
Tracey Marquis

oh he is sooo cute...I looove charlie brown....and I go crazy for crocks.lol

Good grief, he's a brilliant Charlie Brown LOL!
I collect quite a lot of random stuff, from buttons, ribbons and cake stands but I think I'll have to say books, because I have hundreds, maybe even billions of books in my tiny house, especially craft books. x

I LOVE your Charlie Brown doll!! I collect barbershop memorabilia and thimbles.

I love your Charlie Brown doll he makes me smile. I have many happy memories of reading my Peanuts cartoon books as a kid and I still have them now and my children read them. Their favorite is a Snoopy pop up book. I collect books of all kinds but I love vintage books and some of my favorites are my 1920's childrens books. Great blog you are very talented. I found your blog through 5 Orange Potatoes. Dianne

Please, please enter me. He is so cute!!!


Sorry, forgot to say what I like to collect, oops!

I love to collect prim raggedy's of course!! And mostly yours, Sherry!

does dust count? lol - i collect antiques, all kinds. i collect cats and kittens (real ones) and i have way too many. The doll is cute and I enjoy all your dolls.

wow what a big giveaway !!
I love to collect buttons.. I have a huge button collection ... and all kind of prim items.. I am just a
"collector" of anything primitive.
Please enter me in your giveaway.


i collect old dolls now, carrying on a tradition my mom started and i do love the character of all of them. from handmade to mass produced, they all have a story to tell.

I love to collect Fiestaware!!! Love your blog and C. Brown!!!

Chuck is a adorable.. Love it.

I collect a number of things. but the top 2 would be Barbie Dolls... and fabric... I have stacks of it sitting around in my bedroom, under the bed and anywhere I can hide it.


Charile Brown is the best! My Kaden would love it! I luVVVVV to collect many things, but old dresses will have to be on top of the list, next to vintage buttons of course!!
Keep up the good blog!
sonnet from SA

hi sherry
i love him!
i collect raggedy ann dolls, celebrity barbie dolls, pippi longstocking, anniescupboards holiday dolls & the archies.
lisa ann

I have a huge untreatable case of Pyrexia. It makes me coockoo for cocao puff. I dream of it, I use it everyday, I'm always on the hunt for it!

Mr C.Brown is adorable. You are very talented.

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