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Art Rock 2010 was fabulous! I had so much fun. I hope everyone who came had fun. I want to personally thank you for coming out to shop/visit us. Thank you for buying my handmade creations. I hope to tempt you more with some new creations I will be making for Stitch Rock in Oct, 2010. I always make new stuff so don't forget to check out what I have.

Michelle and I. She owns/works/loves House of Vintage. Can I tell you how I want to just live there? If I could own just a closet full of the clothing she sells. I would be the best dressed gal in my City!

Here is my booth. The person next to me (on the left) did not come so I got an extra table to the left of this. I did not take a photo of it. (sorry)
This was the first time I had a booth at a craft show.
I totally forgot to set out my zippy bags. Can you believe this? Oh my!

Woodsy people and their pack n play houses were getting so much attention. I do have some to list in my Etsy shop. (later today they shall be there, promise)
Seriously great bag. Oh you can get it here!!
This was way more amazing to see in person. I don't think I captured it well in this photo.

This is Ragamufyn. She makes THE best repurposed clothing, EVER! Her Art is AMAZING. Her handmade creations, are just so perfect. I love everything she touches. The light that beams from her is so intense.

The girl above is the one who sells/makes that bag above. I should have asked for her name. But I was running around before the show started to get some photos. I took my sweet time setting up my booth. You know how it goes.

There is my girl Hollie! XO She is adorable. She has a blog here and an Etsy shop here. Oh and another Etsy Shop here cause that is how she rolls. Her creations are just fabulous! Have you seen her drawings? Oh you have to. You must. I confess I go GAGA, for her. hehe I do adore her hand mades. Her bows are fab and fun to wear. You have to get one. She gave me one for the show. For some reason I have no photo of me wearing it. It was pink and lacy and matched my dress perfect! If you were at the show you saw me wearing it. Thank you again Hollie! I LOVE IT!
People waiting to get inside.
Amanda's Goodies.
Michelle and Amanda are best friends. They both are adorable. They both work in the same spot. Michelle with her House of Vintage and Amanda is in the back of the house making cupcakes and goodies to wear and show off. Actually Amanda does so many things, I lost count. She is that creative. You can find her here making cupcakes in her bakery cafe. You can find her creative handmades here. She is also the one that put this indie show together. She also put Stitch Rock together. She has an Etsy Shop here. The girl is creatively busy all the time and she has oodles still to be explored. She is one smart creative cupcake!

ADORABLE this baby girl is. Oh my. Looky what she is wearing??
Roller Girl?

Looky what Amanda is wearing! We traded it for cupcakes. You can tempt Amanda with trades at the show for cake. I love it. HAHA! Thank you! Thank you AMANDA for putting on the best show. My son loves and so do I, her Oreo cupcakes. If you passed up her cakes at the show. SHAME SHAME next time get one. I really liked this location she chose for this show. It was a little drive for me but not much. The Armory Art Center is a fabulous place to get your craft/art on. Take a visit to the website. They have summer art classes you can sign up for now. There was so much amazing light in the building I hardly even used my flash for these photos you just viewed. I hope we can come back next year. I really had so much fun. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for coming! SMoooooCheS!

Oh and ps. Can I tell you how annoying it was not to be able to Twitter update and photo update? There is always something going on with that. I really am going to bother people to figure out what I am doing wrong. If I am doing it wrong. Stitch Rock I best be tweeting and more importantly updating with a photo. is connected with Twitter. I am on both. Yet they don't see that. I am sure it's something simple and with my mind racing during a craft show I really have no brain power for technology. So forgive me once again. I will get it right. I am now determined more than ever.


oh wow, looks like lots of fun! Your stall looked awesome, very colourful and enticing. Thanks for all the links too :)

Wow, so much eye candy, I can only imagine what that was like in person! You and your booth both looked lovely :)

That event looked amazing - so wonderful to see such creativity. Your stall looks adorable and fab! I don't think i could have torn myself away! ;)
Thank you for sharing your photos - looking uber cute in that outfit.

That looks like it was awesome beyond words! So many cool things all made or rescued by someone that loves them! I love it when artists get a chance to come together and share their wares with the people who appreciate them! Nice work!

awwwwwwwwwwwwww awesome pics, and such heart warming words made me smile :) love yaaa!

:) Great photos girl..Can't wait to play next show! Your sooo talented!

I love the pictures! Seems like you guys had so much fun. I wish I'm as creative as you. :(

yummy photos!
what a fabulous day!
lovin' all my new vintage flower hair clips!
i am a lucky girl.

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Looks like a great time! Glad to hear your first craft show was a good experience!

Omg hi! :] I saw your stuff at Stitch Rock and Art Rock and weren't you at Odd Duck too? I remember you because your stuff is adorable along with that boy thats always with you ;] Haha I'm 15 btw so dnt think I'm a creeper. I hope next time I can buy some stuff!!! <33

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