Primitive Raggedy Ann & Andy made!

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WOW I took a whole week off blogging. I am not sure I have done that before. I had to. After my show I just vegged out. But not totally. Cause look what I have to show you today. I just sat around and sewed and stuffed this past week and it was relaxing. I just love sewing. I do. I really do. Even just thinking about sewing a project, I get all starry eyed and daydream. I am going to be listing these dolls on Etsy in a bit.
Its so hot outside. I am not sure about where you live at but here its sweaty summer weather. Just going outside to take these photos was effort for me. After the 2nd doll I was ready to come in. I had to change my clothing after I did come in.
I have been busy planning some summer fun around the house. We are going to take a couple of trips this summer. Georgia, North Carolina and maybe squeeze Disney in. This past weekend my youngest son turned 15. (insert high pitched sigh) seriously where is the time going? We took him to Rapids Water Park. It was so much fun. We have not been there in years. It's 1 hour from us. You would think someone who lives in Hot Sunny South Florida would take advantage of this park? Naaaa I live closer to the beach and I don't go there much either. HA! The heat does me in. It makes me sick as a dog. I can tolerate it in small amounts. Being at the water park was perfect cause your always in the water. I loved the lazy pool the most and this ride. Its AMAZING fast and fun and wet and scary! All the wants in my kinda ride.
This is a new dolly set. I am going to offer this as a pattern. I do not have any Andy patterns. This will be my first one.

I have no craft shows till Oct. 2010. But you know.....I will be creating. I love it so.


Your dolls are very beautiful!!!Kisses

OMG!! I just had to buy your new Raggedy Andy & Annie Set. They're soooo cute!!! What an awesome pair! I wish I could of bought all of them! Big hugs to you Sherry!

those dolls are kee-ute! Nicely done!

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