Woodsy People Pack n Play Houses

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I have been making doll houses again. I have only one of the doll houses I made last year. You can see some of them here. (I have the pink one.) I sold out of the the other ones at my craft shows. I have ever since been looking for something else to make into a doll house. The ones I used last time were cd holders. So I went back to the craft store to see what else they had that I could pass off as a doll house. I got an idea when I saw these wood purses. You know I have this love of vintage Barbie. When I was researching and hunting back a bit ago to buy my vintage doll house for my Barbies I saw a few houses that looked like these. That is for the Kiddle dolls. I found them while researching Barbie houses (on Etsy and Ebay). The other day I found all those vintage Kiddle dolls at the thrift store and BOOM idea came to me at the craft store. Now here we are. My Woodsy people now have new homes to live in.
I really love the lamp I made. There are two pairs of curtains to go with each house. This one is a bedroom scene. I also made kitchen scenes.
There is a dresser in each bedroom.

The stove is just too cute! (the table needs some cake)

Everything fits inside nice and neat. You just pack it up and take it with you. I am selling these at my Indie Craft Show I am attending this weekend. Which reminds me I really need to get to price tagging these and the other goodies. I seem to always wait till last min, but I really want to play with these for a bit.


These are soo adorable and I really think they need to be sold in your Etsy store :D (said with large pleading eyes)

These are by far one of the cutest things I have ever seen! So cute there are almost no words to describe. You are so very talented =)

HAHA Oh my Dawn. I just heard that from someone else too. I promise to list some in my Etsy shop! And I will list a few other goodies I have been making.

Thank you so much for your kind words ladies! XOXOXO

Very creative! Hummm I should get one for myself to have in my craft room to play with during my artistic down time (type of writer's block) to help the flow of my creative juices. Your so good! :)

They remind me a lot of the Polly Pockets we used to have in the 1990s, only in much cuter! This is really really cute.

I'm in love! My daughter would adore these! They remind me of vintage Polly Pocket or Sweet Secrets...

These are totally adorable, what little girl wouldn't want to play with these and big girls for that matter! Fantastic Sherry. Love Niki xxx

P.S Many Blessings for your show! xx

These are soooo cute; I love them!!! :0)

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