Thrifty is Nifty on a Wednesday

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I have been looking all over for this. Since last year I have been looking for a wall mirror. Not just any. It had to be encased in wood. Plain too if possible. Today was that day. I only paid 4 bucks for it. (which in that store I was SHOCKED) As soon as I found/saw it. I was like Oh yes! I then picked it up and did the "are you ok" shake. To see if there was any loose parts. The mirror is in the wood frame with nails keeping it in place. There is no taking this mirror out. I wanted to take it out and then spray paint it. No worries. I can still do this. I just need to cover the mirror with paper and tape and I will be fine. I just have to decide which design I want to do on this awesome find. I always have different ideas that pop up in my head. Yet I have only one item to play with. This makes it hard on me. You see with my doll houses I am able to play and paint and get all the looks I have, out of my head and make it/see it/ play. When I have one. I dance all the ideas in my head. One has to chosen. Sometimes items like this never get finished cause I can't decide. I refuse to let that happen. This mirror is a nice size. It's also a bit heavy.
It really was too bright to be taking photos outdoors today. You can imagine the heat. Eekk! I found the above vintage pillowcases. 2 of them. A set!
I found a twin size fitted and pillowcase that matches. The glare is so bad. Sorry. There is lots of color in those sheets. I am thinking about putting all of these items in my Etsy shop. I will have to retake photos. Later this evening. When its safe out. The sun is guarding the afternoon hard.


I so envy you for the mirror :) We don't have any big mirror in the house which is a bummer for a seamstress. I was thinking of paying attention to garage sales but I've never thought of thrift stores

Jealooous...!!! lol Kidding! Very nice finds! XOXO

I cant wait to play with this mirror. I have so many projects on my desk. I am loving all the play time.

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