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Today was a good day to find vintage Pyrex dishes. I went back to that thrift store where I found my vintage Singer sewing machine. I am so happy I did. I almost wrote that store off. I only recently went back to give them one more try. That was a good idea. I mean hey, finding that Singer machine there and affordable. Today it was bugging me what else I could find in there. I had no idea they have sales day in there now. All the red stickers (even if they were actually orange) were all 50% off today. Lucky me found Pyrex and not just one. A few of them. This store had some insane prices for a thrift store. Maybe they lowered their prices cause they were not getting any shoppers? I am not sure but they now have my attention. I will be adding them to the list of must visits when I am feeling thrifty again. I also notice lots of color tags. So that must mean other colors go on sale too. They had so many Pyrex lids. Just the lids. I could use some. But what size? I need to research and find out and keep that list with me. I don't really care to have lids on all of my Pyrex collection. Just a few would be nice. This black and white Pyrex dish is a Compass Snack Server promotional divided dish. I have been reading (here) the hard part to find is the serving tray that this slips inside. I actually found several of these at this thrift store but passed on them. I have no where to put my Pyrex as it is now. I am never going to find places to store the holders. I do believe this is my first promotional piece find. (yipee)
I found this Snowflake pattern Pyrex Bowl.
This casserole dish's patterns name is called Meadow. It's also a promotional dish.
I also found this vintage Fire King baking dish. I have this one. The same size and everything. I have a pair now.
I found vintage Vera linen napkins. A set of 4. Only one little minor dot on them. Otherwise they are perfect.I do already have an Autumn set. I might just let these go into my Etsy shop and let someone else enjoy them.

Major Vintage Vera score. A full size fitted sheet and 2 matching pillowcases. These colors are wonderful. I wish wish wish this was a king. I would be washing them and putting them on my bed asap. I am going to put them in my Etsy shop. I know someone will totally be happy with them.

I also found a vintage Vera scarf. This is going into my collection.

I found a vintage bar set. The box and all. All the pieces are there. I am prolly going to sell this at my local craft show coming in Oct. In fact, I am going to have a little section with vintage finds like vintage sheets and Pyrex and other goodies. Sometimes I buy things I don't need cause its such a great price. (like that Care Bear cup, come on 25 cents??!!)But really what am I going to do with it? If its not my color/pattern/style I will be selling. I always pass up items like this. Not anymore. I forget you can sell vintage at my craft show. Not anymore indeed! I may not collect it but someone does. Not to mention I always have Etsy.
I found a bunch of knit fabric. I had visions of making my own skirt from this. We shall see if this happens. I just need to figure out a waist band. I have been digging them ruffle skirts with a large thick waist bands. I can always use the knits to make plushie monsters too. I paid 3 bucks for all of them total. Each has 2 yards give or take.
It is a windy day. Still hot and humid and I think its going to rain. I am glad I got these photos done before the sky opened up. This sheet is fab. I love the colors. Its white/light blue with grey, orange and brown. This is going into my Etsy shop.

On a side note I am still working on those woodsy people houses. I am almost finished with the houses themselves. Just some last min touch ups I need to do and then I am completed. I have started the people. I drew all the faces and I have a few surprises to show you (regarding them). I can't wait.

My Fourth Of July was Fab. I also put house hunting on hold for 2 months. I rather wait to see if anything else will come out. There is nothing worthy yet for me. And you know I am tired of looking. I feel as if I am going in circles.

Oh and I am signing my youngest son for private school this year. He starts 9th grade and he will be attending classes 2 times a week. Oh bother for him I am sure. Oh yipee for me. I get some quiet time. I am still homeschooling just not the areas I can't. The oldest child finally decided NOT to go into the military. He was back and forth for a long time about this. I am SO HAPPY about this. I love my military. I just not sure how that stress/ocd of mine would deal. I was all for it, and backing him up and behind him but totally DYING inside about it. He is the one who decided no.

Oh and to the person who has no life and is so bored that they want to sign in and leave me sex links in the comment area, (usually Asian bots) get a life. Really. I can teach how to sew if your that bored. I mean it could happen right? Or just keep being useless. Your choice. Happy Tuesday!! XO


I love the Vera duvet set and the fabric is great too. xx

I would flip if my son wanted to join the military. Kudo's to you for staying out of the decision making process. You showed more restraint than I. Way to toss it in the face of that awful commenter! Cathy

Such amazing finds!

I love the Snack Server (Pyrex) I got it as a gift from a dear friend.

If ever you need Pyrex info, I might be able to help you. Are you collecting a particular pattern?

Let me know. I have a lot of doubles and might be able to send something your way. No strings attached; I love your spirit and your cratfyness.

Be well

Great finds! And the sewing machine you found a few posts back, wowza! Way to go! I MUST attend your show in October! Where is it? I have been thrifting my head off lately, it's really all there is to do in this crazy heat!

The show I am attending is happening in Oct. Its in Delray, Fl.

You should totally come out and play.

Von Oh my You are too sweet!!

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